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One Year Anniversary Tribute to Dr. Michael Heiser

February 14, 1963 - February 20, 2023

Yes, it has been a year since Dr. Heiser died and I still miss him greatly. It just about made me want to cry again watching that video.  Like his wife said, the world needed him, she needed him and the family needed him.  Of course, I know he was just a man and obviously God did not want him in this world anymore but I can only imagine the other things he would have discovered and shared with us.  Nothing beats having a Hebrew Scholar around like this guy. He died on my birthday.  

My Tribute to Dr. Michael Heiser

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Not for the Close -Minded
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Born 2/14/1963  Went Home  2/20/2023  

I cannot say enough about this man. I  literally listened to him for hours on end and still do.  Let me remind you that I don't believe 100% of what anybody preaches or teaches...It is our job to search out the truth but thank God for men like Dr. Heiser.  Not afraid to go against the grain, he enlightened us to so very many revelations about the Hebrew language and the true meanings behind them  When God's people dig for the truth or, for the curious, they will find out that the Bible really makes a lot more sense.  He was a man sent to us by God for a certain purpose and at a certain time but when he left us, I was truly devastated and I found it surprising that I felt like I lost my best friend...I felt like we all just hit a wall and I could not understand losing him so early in his life but...God has His own plans.  I felt devastated but I am sure it was nothing compared to his friends and family...who have my condolences.  I've even watched the video of him at home with his son and pugs and you could tell how much his son loved him.

Michael Heiser had a great sense of humor and the ability to uncomplicate the Bible for a layman. As far as I could tell he was a highly intellegent, soft-spoken but down-to-earth man and, let us not forget, to some, highly contriversial.  On one occassion, while browsing Facebook comments, I saw that a new Christian had a hard question, I tried to answer it the best I could and left a link to one of Dr. Heisers lectures.  I was attacked by the moderator of the page and harshly scolded. She proceeded to tell the woman to not listen to me and that Dr. Heiser believes God is an extraterrestrial and he was a fake teacher.  I went on to say why can't you allow the person to make their own choices and conclusions and that statement was not really true.  I got booted off of that Christian site...they were a little hostile and I can only imagine what Dr. Heiser probably went through...the truth is really not as popular as you may think. 

There was so much more we could have learned from Dr. Michael Heiser and I for one am really going to miss that.  I  prayed and I believed but God has the final word for all of us but I look forward to seeing Dr. Heiser again one day.  

I have included a few videos and a link to his books and academic literature below, please keep in mind that some of his books are fiction, therefore, be careful what you choose if you want to learn Bible truths only. 

Click on HERE to go to Dr. Heiser's website.

Click HERE for books.

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