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Synthetic Meat Grown in the Laboratory

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This information is not anything new that I am not already aware of.  Do you realize that Bill Gates owns millions of dollars of farmland in the United States yet, he is pushing fake food like there's a famine?  They are doing everything imaginable to push us into eating their concoctions. I guess...if you can't push it through a needle you may as well put it into the food.  God gave us everything that we need to sustain ourselves on this earth.  Do not get me wrong, the mass slaughter of animals and the inhumane ways that they do it, I do not like at all either, but I'd rather just be a vegetarian than eat whatever monster they are whipping up for the masses.  I have been around a very long time and I remember the government screwing over the farmers and I remember MONSANTO's GMO seeds. From what I have researched, Walmart has also bought out all the dairy farmers...just another giant corporation sweeping through the land and grabbing it up just because they can and because they have an agenda.  Their agenda is total control of the world's population aka globalism.  Do you really think that the generations coming forth are going to know how to farm and take care of themselves should something happen?  That answer is no, they do not have a clue because you just walk into a store and buy whatever you want and hard work is really not on their agenda.  Remember their genius idea to put animal products in the beef feed that resulted in Mad Cow Disease because guess what, you idiots, cows only eat grass and grain, that is the way God made them. They literally turned cattle into cannibals.  What we have is a bunch of ungodly mad scientists using us as guinea pigs once again.  Click on the photo above to read the full article on using "animal cells" to grow your next hamburger.  Please watch the video below for more information.  

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This movie is about child human trafficking.    Where does the U.S. rank in child trafficking? The United States ranks as one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking, with an estimated 199,000 incidents occurring annually.  
What are the top 5 states for child trafficking?
Comparatively, the top five states in the country with the highest human trafficking case counts are California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, and Ohio. The National Human Trafficking Hotline reported a total of 51,073 signals in 2021, with 13,277 coming from victims or survivors themselves. December 21, 2022.
Tim Ballard is the founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), which rescues children from sex trafficking rings. He spent over a decade working as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security, where he was deployed as an undercover operative for the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team. Having nine children of his own he and others put their lives on the line to save these children.  Actor "Jim Caviezel" plays Tim Ballard and I cannot think of anyone better because he uses his career to make a difference and both Jim and Tim are Christians.   In case you are unaware, this activity goes very high up into the upper echelons of society and government officials.  After all, they were not going to Epstein's island to play golf.

C.E.R.N. Ramping Up Hedron Collider
July 4, 2022

CERN Photo.webp

After 3 years of being shut down, C.E.R.N. is about to ramp up faster than ever for the next 4 months.


If you were to randomly ask people, "Do you know what C.E.R.N. is?", they would not have a clue.  Yet, its dangers are completely unknown as scientists smash particles together without a clue to the fact that they may blow half the earth away or open up other dimensions that are best left alone, but, playing God is more important.  Anything for the advancement of Science.  As the scriptures say, "My people perish for a lack of wisdom."  They are too busy with surviving in Babylon and trusting them for any catastrophe that may come along...sheep ready for the slaughter.  For more information on the evil side of C.E.R.N. see my page CERN.

They are about to smash protons together at an unprecedented energy level in a quest to find out how the universe works. In an article in, by Pierre Celerier, AFP explains. Ten years after it discovered the Higgs boson, the Large Hadron Collider is about to start smashing protons together at unprecedented energy levels in its quest to reveal more secrets about how the universe works.  

The world's largest and most powerful particle collider started back up in April after a three-year break for upgrades in preparation for its third run. 

From Tuesday it will run around the clock for nearly four years at a record energy of 13.6 trillion electronvolts, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced at a press briefing last week. 

It will send two beams of protons – particles in the nucleus of an atom – in opposite directions at nearly the speed of light around a 27-kilometre (17-mile) ring buried 100 meters under the Swiss-French border.

The resulting collisions will be recorded and analyzed by thousands of scientists as part of a raft of experiments, including ATLAS, CMS, ALICE and LHCb, which will use the enhanced power to probe dark matterdark energy and other fundamental mysteries.

1.6 billion collisions a second

"We aim to be delivering 1.6 billion proton-proton collisions per second" for the ATLAS and CMS experiments, CERN's head of accelerators and technology Mike Lamont said.

This time around the proton beams will be narrowed to less than 10 microns – a human hair is around 70 microns thick – to increase the collision rate, he added. (FOR COMPLETE ARTICLE)

Isaiah Robin (OPENING PORTALS TO HELL) Youtube Video

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State of Michigan Issues Contracts for Handling COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Welcome to frickin Communist China...this makes me extremely angry. I am going to have some major problems because of my views on this. It's like they are hiring SS Officers to come after us. It's a bunch of BS is what it is. For true Christians...Jacob's Trouble is here right now. They want total control, they want to spy on you and they want to do whatever they want to do to you when and if you resist. They are putting out Contracts on you to Trace you and talk to your friends, family, fellow employees and enemies who will say anything they want to about you. You need to find this extremely disturbing. They will use this against can count on it.  Unless, of course, you are completely compliant.  


LANSING, Mich. (WLUC) - The State of Michigan recently approved contracts to rapidly expand Michigan’s contact tracing efforts, a critical next step in its COVID-19 response. The state announced a partnership with Rock Connections, LLC for volunteer management and Deloitte for technology integration in support of the COVID-19 contact tracing. This information was released in a press release Saturday morning.

“Contact tracing is a proven public health strategy and another tool we’re utilizing to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the loss of life in our state,” said Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive and chief deputy for health. “Our team has been working around the clock to stand up this new operation and look forward to significantly expanding the current contact tracing system in place.”
Contact tracing involves identifying individuals affected by COVID-19 and interviewing friends, families and other close contacts about their symptoms and health. Rock Connections will oversee volunteer staff who will call identified close contacts for daily check-ins. Calls will be made seven days a week for the next six to 12 months. During these calls, volunteers will provide information about steps that exposed individuals should take to monitor their health and prevent the spread of COVID-19. They will also log responses to determine if these individuals are symptomatic for COVID-19 and need to be referred to other public health teams for additional follow-up.

More than 3,500 volunteers have completed contact tracing training and are ready to begin aiding local health departments. This workforce will help speed up the process and provide support to local health departments already conducting contact tracing statewide.

Rock Connections was chosen through an evaluation team process with representatives from the Department of Technology, Management and Budget and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for the more than $1 million contract. Separately, Deloitte is providing technology integration on this project through an already established integration contract with the state. This includes an automated text messaging system that individuals can opt-in to following their initial call with a contact tracer. All vendors were approved through a State Emergency Operations Center review process.

Rock Connections has experience in the COVID-19 response, including operating a call center with 40 full-time employees at the former Michigan State Fairgrounds in Detroit.

There is a link if you would like to become a snitch but you will not find it here.  I hate doing articles in anger but...

Harvard Scientists Begin Experiment To Block Out The Sun

Sun Turned to Darkness.jpg

A group of Harvard scientists plans to tackle climate change through geoengineering by blocking out the sun. The concept of artificially reflecting sunlight has been around for decades, yet this will be the first real attempt at controlling Earth's temperature through solar engineering.

The project, called Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), will spend $3 million to test their models by launching a steerable balloon in the southwest US 20 kilometers into the stratosphere. Once the balloon is in place, it will release small particles of calcium carbonate. Plans are in place to begin the launch as early as the spring of 2019.

The basis around this experiment is from studying the effects of large volcanic eruptions on the planet's temperature. In 1991, Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted spectacularly, releasing 20 million tonnes of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere. The sulfur dioxide created a blanket around Earth's stratosphere, cooling the entire planet by 0.5 °C for around a year and a half. READ MORE

Particle Physics and Genetic Engineering
Christian Witch Claims Christ Followers Can Practice Witchcraft, Despite Biblical Warnings

When the gospel of Christ just isn't enough, when you watched too much Harry Potter with your children, when the scriptures expressly warn against it and you have zero knowledge of the true Word of God in you, this is what you get.  In the technologically advanced age of the internet, in which we now live, this will spread like wildfire.  In a time when millions are seeking truthful fulfillment, this is what we have and many of those millions will flock to it like lambs to the slaughter.  Could the scriptures be any plainer, Deuteronomy 18: 10-14 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 

Despite biblical warnings against the practice of witchcraft, the Rev. Valerie Love, who describes herself as a practicing Christian witch and an ordained minister of spiritual consciousness, is insisting that there is nothing wrong with Christians being witches and has recently launched a school to help Christians tap into magic. "Stop thinking you can tell people how to worship. Stop thinking you can tell people how to connect with the divine. I could tell you how many people have told me, 'You can't be a Christian witch' but here I am. See, you can't tell me how to worship. You cannot tell me how to connect with the divine. That's between me and God. You cannot tell me how to pray," a defiant Love declared in a recent rant on Facebook.  Obviously, you can't tell Valarie anything, she knows it all, everything that is except the truth. At her Christian Witches website, Love also shares her story and offers a number of resources to help Christian witches including her recently launched Covenant of Christian Witches Mystery School which recently launched in Salem, Massachusetts. The school, according to Love's website, was launched to "inspire, teach, share wisdom, and support magickal beings in owning and embracing magick, practicing magick and utilizing magick as a path to self-realization." "My job as a minister of the living God, as an ordained minister of spiritual consciousness is freedom, to set us free. ... People are in religious bondage because religion told you what to think, what to do. I'm not here to tell you what to think. I'm here to support you in how to think," she said in her recent video.

Obviously, you can't tell Valarie anything, she knows it all and, make no mistake, Valarie Love is here to tell you how to think, if not, she wouldn't have started her school.  Valarie wants you to be just like her, join in the lie and condemn your soul to Hell. She doesn't care about your spiritual awakening or your self-realization, she's out to make money and deceive you in the process.   Valarie teaches "magic", she embraces magic, practices magic and utilizes magic as a "path to self-realization."  Magic, no matter how you spell it, is nothing more than sorcery and Valerie is nothing more than a Wiccan who is blasphemously using God to drag as many as she can into the darkness while making a hefty living while doing it.  On her personal website, Love offers "personal coaching" at a price between $5,000 to $50,000 to any misguided victim that she can trap in her web of deceit. 

Jennifer LeClaire, founder of Jennifer LeClaire Ministries and director at the Awakening House of Prayer in Florida who has been tracking the Christian witches movement for several years, has warned that the mixing of witchcraft and Christianity is "dangerous" and said the movement is growing. "In this season, I've seen a rise of Christians practicing witchcraft. Or maybe they aren't Christians at all. I won't judge someone's salvation, but when people in church release word curses, pray against you and conduct unholy fasts to destroy you, the fruit of the Spirit is clearly lacking," she wrote last fall. "Galatians 6 lists both the fruit of the Spirit and the works of the flesh. Witchcraft is among them. But there is a higher level of witchcraft that some so-called Christians are tapping into and it's dangerous."  That is a direct quote but the Fruits of the Spirit are actually in Galatians 5 and not 6.  Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.

In conclusion, be not deceived by such things coming forth in these End Days because as the scriptures state, in the Last Days many false prophets shall arise deceiving many, don't be one of them.  You must pray, go directly to the Word of God and find out the truth for yourself.  Valarie cares about Valarie and she obviously does not know the truth and prefers to make up her own.

1 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.

 Source Article

The World Health Organization has been working diligently to contain and eradicate Ebola so it does not become an international threat but according to their statement in Geneva today, they may end up losing that battle. It is politics, war and UN peacekeepers being attacked. If the World Health Organization leaves the Congo, it's time to be very concerned because they are the ones keeping Ebola at bay from the rest of the world. We don't think much about what is going on behind the scenes until our flu-like symptoms aren't the flu.

Read Here


Police officers monitor a church service in China in this footage posted on March 22, 2018.

Personally, I do not understand it, Christians in China are no threat to the government, they just want to worship the God that they believe in and most likely just want to be left alone to live their life.  These Christian pastors made it clear to the Chinese government that they will not compromise their belief if they have to die for it.  I wonder how we would hold up here in the United States under the same circumstances. 

With the recent censorship implemented by major private social media corporations and Google, one can only wonder just what direction this is taking us? The censorship is against conservative Christians and no other.  While those who do not care for Alex Jones toast his demise, they fail to see the big picture.  The powers that be are now regulating what you listen to; they are deciding for you and taking away your right to decide for yourself.  The next step will be censoring the internet, is that really what you want?

Those who are not conservative Christians are just gleefully skipping about the plight of Alex Jones and others but we have a little thing here in the United States called Freedom of Speech that is being stripped away under the guise of the private corporation, who knew that is how it would happen and that this day would come.  Well, I will tell you who knew, Alex Jones knew because I listened to him talk about it twenty years ago and now here we are.  Whatever you may think about Alex Jones, whatever mistakes he made during his career does not change the fact that he diligently worked hard at getting to the truth and just because the story may seem too far-fetched to be true does not mean that it is not. 

Why do governments or the actual powers that be take away citizens rights?  They take them away so when they start doing the foulest of things, we either do not know about it or we are unable to do anything about it.  First comes censorship then internet censorship and finally, your right to bear arms is taken away leaving you like sheep to the slaughter just where they want you.  If you believe your government or the actual powers that be, care about a regular Joe like you, you live in a delusion because we are nothing to them.  Oh, it is true that we live in the greatest nation in the world still but that is rapidly changing and has been for decades slowly eroding away.  We are the preverbal frog in the water pot seconds from just boiling away. Speaking of boiling, this is what it all boils down to and always has; it is the inherent hatred of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Right equal conservative Christian morals and values and left equals, we do not believe in your God, we are going to do whatever we want and we do not want your voice heard so that others may know the truth and you poison their mind to our way of thinking. 

Actually, I do understand it, the fact remains that Christ walked this earth over 2,000 years ago, He was the 100% true Word of God sent to this earth for mankind's sake.  The corrupt religious leaders and "governing body" despised Him, despised the truth that He brought because they loved the darkness more than the light so they made sure they shut Him up permanently, or so they thought because 2,018 years later, that Gospel message is alive and always will be because mere man can not kill the truth of God no matter how hard he tries and no matter how many of God's people he kills.  These Chinese pastors have let their barbaric government know that they will not silence the Word of God and are willing to die for it.  Will we be so brave when it happens here in America and it will happen here in America because we are now outnumbered and we and our beliefs are despised among the masses. 

So, I say today, please pray for those in China standing for the truth at any cost because in China, they will either take you to one of their thousands of political prisons or they will just outright kill you in the blink of an eye, makes no difference to them. 

Christ said, "If they hated me, they will hate you too."  That is where we are now, here in America it is just a powder keg waiting to explode and we will face what Christians in other nations have been enduring since Christ was crucified, nothing will change until the day He comes back, so fight the good fight and to the believers be sure to put on the entire Armor of God because you will be needing it.

In case you are not sure exactly what that is...

Ephesians 10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. 11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; 15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; 16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. 17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: 18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints. 

By Carolyn Mancos

By Carolyn Mancos


I found a portion of my article on the website, "Beginning and End" and ended up falling down one gross rabbit hole.  The conclusion is shocking confirmation of an evil End Days agenda and scriptural prophecy coming to light. 

Once again, you have to ask yourself, why the mimicry of Christianity, which could not be any clearer, in this material? 

Their goal is to make Artificial Intelligence divinity to be worshipped in their new tax-exempt church.  Their activities will focus on the realization, acceptance, and worship of a "Godhead" based on Artificial Intelligence. 

If you think these people are just some ordinary, uneducated, insane idiots, think again.  Anthony Levandowski is a former Google and Uber engineer who made a fortune developing self-driving automobile technology.  As founder of, "Way of the Future Church". Levandowski wants to spread the "Gospel" OF A COMMING COMPUTER GOD. 

Worship of the Beast in the book of Revelations has already started and it has not even fully arrived yet.


Vince Lynch who started the company IV.AI and builds custom AI for the enterprise states, "The concept of teaching a machine to learn...and then teaching it to teach...(or write AI) isn't so different from the concept of a HOLY TRINITY or a being achieving enlightenment after many lessons learned with varying levels of success and failure.  "If you type in multiple verses from the Christian bible, you can have the AI write a new verse that sounds eerily similar.  Here is one an AI wrote, "And let thy companies deliver thee, but will with mine own arm save them: even unto this land, from the kingdom of Heaven."   

Do us all a favor and use, "War and Peace",  next time Vince.  


The deeper the hole, the more nauseating it gets.  Just when I thought it could not get much worse, the rabbit hole went into another hellacious direction which brings me to, Mr. Sergi Santos, creator of the robot sex doll. 

I am sorry; there is an urgent need to digress for just one brief moment.  Trust me, I understand that there are a lot of lonely people in the world but this is just not the road you want to go down.  Having sexual intercourse with a life-size, fully autonomous, anatomically correct, talking robot is not in your best interest mentally or spiritually. 

Mr. Santos lives with his wife and five of his, Sex-Bot creations, that he admits to having regular sex with and claims this enhances his sexual relationship with his wife.  

To make things even more blasphemous, Sergi Santos is working on making a baby with a sex robot.  That is correct...I actually had to type those words that normal people just cannot wrap their heads around, I know I can't.  Santos vision of a sex robot baby involves 'merge' the robot's personality and physical traits with his own attributes in a computer program to create their child's brain and body that can be born in a 3D printer.  (I'm not sure any horror fiction writer has ever even dreamed of such a thing.) He said: "I can make them have a baby.  It's not so difficult.  I would love to have a baby with a robot.  Using the brain that I have already created, I would program it with a genome so he or she could have moral values, plus concepts of beauty, justice and the values that humans have."  "To create a child with this robot it would be extremely simple.  I would make an algorithm of what I personally believe about these concepts and then shuffle it with what she thinks and 3D print it. "That's it.  I 3D print the robot that is the child of me and the robot...I don't see any complications."

Personally, I see a major complication aside from how ill I feel just writing this article and that is the fact that technology has and is racing to make Mr. Santos dreams come true.   An algorithm here, a genome there, throw in some Nephilim DNA, press print and we are back to as it was in the days of Noah.  Mr. Santos can take his "baby" demon to Way of the Future Church to worship the Beast.          

Tons of dead fish

I am just at a loss for words about the lack of concern over the destruction of the earth, animals, and mankind.  Yes, there are people who care but the fact is, not enough people care to make a difference.  The average person is busy surviving in the system in which we live, lulled into a false sense of all is well and only concerned about entertaining themselves in their moments of spare time.  Unfortunately, it is always too late when your moments of, "all is well", abruptly come to an end. Unless that happens to us, there is never a sense of urgency to get to the truth and see if the disastrous courses can be changed.


If we could bring those who lived in the year 1900 into this present world, I guarantee they would be more appalled than amazed.  The concrete jungles, urban decay, moral decay, pollution of the earth, air, and water, materialism, disrespect of the youth and the pace of the rat race would far out-weigh their amazement of technological advancement.


The Bible states in Hosea 4:6 - My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge and because thou hast refused knowledge, I will also refuse thee that thou be no Priest to me: and seeing that thou hast forgotten the Law of thy God, I will also forget your children. 

I am going to break that down into simpler terms:  You trust the wisdom and laws of men before the knowledge and Laws of God even though these men operate on nothing more than power and greed...they care nothing about you.  When you belong to God, you belong to a royal priesthood and we become His representative, to others, here on this earth, without Godly knowledge, this is not even possible and you are rejected by God as His Priestly representative.  The consequence of your rejection of God and His knowledge is a curse you cause on your own children. 


Let us look at what precedes verse 6 because it fits with this article in every aspect possible.


The Lord brings a charge against the inhabitants of the land: THE LORD HAS A DISPUTE WITH US

“There is no truth or mercy                                                      THERE IS NO TRUTH NOR MERCY
Or knowledge of God in the land.                                            GOD WAS CAST OUT OF AMERICA LONG AGO
2 By swearing and lying,                                                          BY FOUL MOUTHS AND LYING 
Killing and stealing and committing adultery,                          KILL, STEAL, AND ADULTERY
They break all restraints,                                                           DO AS THY WILT AS THE SATANIST
With bloodshed upon bloodshed.                                              ABORTION AFTER ABORTION
3 Therefore the land will mourn;                                              THE VERY EARTH MOURNS FROM YOUR ACTIONS                    And everyone who dwells there will waste away                     WHAT WE SOWED SO SHALL WE REAP
With the beasts of the field                                                        WHAT WE DID TO THE ANIMALS
And the birds of the air;                                                             HOW WE POLLUTED THE AIR
Even the
fish of the sea will be taken away.                              93 TONS OF FISH AND THAT IS THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG


Oh, how blind and stubborn can you be?  You would rather believe scientists have all the answers to save and restore this earth or in Ancient Aliens, trusting that some awesome beings will come down and tell you they created you and they are going to make everything all right once again.  Why is it so much easier for you to believe what radio and TV have been brainwashing you with for the last eight decades than God?  I will answer that...because you do not even know Him, you do not take the time nor the effort to find out the truth for yourself because the Sci-Fi channel figured it all out for you and in all fairness, the "Churches" dropped the ball a long time ago.  Those Ancient Aliens, many so adore, are nothing more than beings that rebelled against God, came to earth, and taught mankind all the cute little tricks that brought the earth to where it is now.  I digress...back to the subject.


Romans 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became as fools.  


Yes, when you stop believing in God, think you are too smart for that and start playing God, you have just entered into some extremely dangerous territories.


GEO Engineering, Fracking, GMO Plants, Genetically Modified Aminals, Millions of Abortions supplying Fetal Stem Cell Research, Genetically Modified Humans, Super Soldiers, Reanimated Neanderthal Brains from ancient DNA, Nuclear Bombs, 450 Nuclear Plants with the U.S. leading the pack with an approximate 99 of those 450, Industrial Pollution of the Air, Earth and Water, Warmongering Politicians Invading and Killing Innocent People, Pharmaceutical Companies making Millions using People as Guinea Pigs and wondering why the homicide and suicide rate increases with the steady diet of, "Anti-Depressants", Getting Millions Dependant on Pain Meds, making a fortune and then pulling the plug forcing once normal law-abiding citizens to hit the streets for cheap Heroin. Large Government Corporate America squeezing out every crop and dairy farmer in the entire United States and please, by all means, do not let me forget to mention the almighty C.E.R.N, a 13.9 BILLION DOLLAR Particle Collider built over the ancient Temple of Apollyon, Abaddon, Apollo aka The Destroyer from the Abbys that will be opened in the End Days. 


C.E.R.N. is so New Age sickening they now mix Science and Art together so they can sing and dance to their pagan god...please.  A giant status of SHIVA (THE DESTROYER) STANDS IN FRONT OF THEIR MAIN HEADQUARTERS...unheard of for any major corporation.  My guess is that 90% who read this have no clue what C.E.R.N. even is.  Well, they found the "God Particle", but they just cannot seem to figure out the main one that holds every single thing together.  Well, that's easy, it is Christ who holds it all things together.  If you do not think C.E.R.N. has one evil agenda, just watch my video on the "Opening Ceremony" of the will make you think.  C.E.R.N. scientist stated, "We may let something out of our dimension or we may let something into our dimensions."  Well, if that does not turn your blood to ice water, your denial is impenetrable. Opening a Portal is all part of their agenda because they are the modern-day TOWER OF BABEL.   They are working on creating the "Big Bang" so they can figure out just what that one particle is that holds everything together at the expense of possibly blowing up the earth in the process but most likely they will just open the Abbys and unleash the End Times Hell prophesied in Revelations.  So...keep whirling and smashing those particles, fools. 


Let me throw in Transhumanism just for good measure here.  The ultimate lie that started in the Garden of Eden still reverberates through the ages until this very day.

THE LIAR: "Surely God did not say you could not eat the trees of the Garden"?


THE LIAR:  "You will not surely die, God does not want you to eat of that tree because He knows that in the day you eat of that tree you will become as gods JUST LIKE HIM."


THAT WAS NO APPLE FOLK LET'S GET THAT STRAIGHT RIGHT NOW and I will not go into the theories that I have researched on this because it is still a mystery but this we know:


When Eve willfully disobeyed God and Adam decided to follow suit, they were now GENETICALLY CORRUPTED AND SPIRITUALLY CORRUPTED.   Their perfectly created bodies began the dying process and their Spiritual connection with God was severed.  

HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO THIS VERY DAY?  Because Science and Technology have no place for God, He is not in any of their equations and they believe that those who do believe in God are a bunch of uneducated, primitive idiots. 

The Bible states in Daniel 12:4 But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. 

Scientist claim that mankind has been around for millions of years.  If that is true, this should be your question, if mankind has been around for that long why is it that only in the past century we have advanced in every field possible? Save your evolution theory here, nothing evolves that slow. The fact is this, not only has knowledge increased for the secular world but there is also an explosion of the knowledge of God unto His TRUE REMNANT.  If you are curious exactly what a TRUE REMNANT is, that would be anyone who is a true believer, seeks God's knowledge and not the LUKEWARM who stand with one foot in the church and the other in the world.    


Back to Satan's lie that Eve chose.  Today, we have the advancement of Transhumanism which is the ability to merge man and machine (Computer A.I.) together so that he may never die and once again, bypassing God altogether.  Just forget about God, we got this, after all, you can even buy your very own CRISPR Genetic Engineering Kit to do your very own home experiments.  That's right folks, instead of buying your children a Science Kit for their birthday, you can get them a kit to practice genetic modification.  Listen, people, get with the program, do you even know what is going on all around you right in your face?  If you think this is harmless fun please think again.  It is bad enough Genetic Modification is in the hands of trained mad scientist but do we really need it to be available in the hands of anyone who wants to buy it?  Of course, everything that they are doing has a pure agenda to only help and advance mankind to heal their diseases, live longer and the ultimate goal is to never die at all and live forever.  That is the lie that is still on the table for you, it convinces you to go with the flow because death, after all, does not sound all that fun. 

I will stick with Door Number One, which in a nutshell is this.  I believe in God and His Word, which states, because one man sinned and all mankind has to suffer, one man died to redeem mankind back to God and that was His Son, Yeshua/Jesus Christ.  I do not want man's offer of eternal life because I have already accepted Yeshua's gift of eternal life separate from this corrupted body and if that means I have to die to get it then die I will and not as a coward who knows not what the end brings.  If you fear death so much that you will take anything offered to avoid it, then you do not know God and the Truth is not in you.  The scripture states that every man is given a measure of faith, you were born with a measure of faith in God but what you do with that measure to either increase it or decrease it is all on you.  You were given a free will, it was passed down from your earthly ancestors Adam and Eve and like them, only you make the choice to choose God's way or choose the Liars way.  Yeshua said, "He who is not with me is against me and he that gathers not with me, scatters abroad."  There are no fence sitters in this game and no place for lukewarm "Christians" who only give lip service and warm pews in dead churches that are found on every corner. Remember, judgment begins in the House of the Lord and if it first begins with us, what shall be the end of those who do not obey the truth of God? 


In conclusion, man has done nothing but destroy this entire earth to the point it groans in anticipation of Christ returning to put it back to the natural state in which God created it.  The entire atmosphere over your head is in total chaos dumping hellish weather all over the world and causing weather patterns that terrify Meteorologist.  Massive storm systems are sitting over entire areas dumping 12" of rain an hour.  It is snowing where and when it should not.  Hail the size of baseballs is bashing out windshields of cars. Their is drought everywhere which will lead to massive food shortages. Volcanoes are waking up over the entire earth and Kilauea has not stopped erupting since May 3rd and we are heading into August.   The Sun is scorching and causing what crops that are growing to be burnt. Livestock has either frozen to death or are dying from heat and lack of water.  There is an alarming die-off of birds and ocean life.  They are spraying Chem-trails over your head every single day to block out what?  The toxic chemicals from the Chem-trails are falling to the earth, killing the plants and killing you but you still have your head stuck in your cell phone working on the next perfect selfie.  When I bring these things to people's attention I either get, "Well, I cannot do anything about it so I am not going to worry about it", or just the sound of crickets.  Then there is the majority convinced that I am just an insane fearmonger.  Whatever the case, have it your way, it's a Burger King mentality after all.  



Only God knows the beginning and the end I can only look at the signs of the times and wonder just how close the end is but to me this world looks like one giant hornet's nest ready to explode any minute now.  Half of me wonders why I even bother writing this but the other half knows that God does not want anyone to perish and if I could just reach one single person in this vast world wide web, it would all be worth it.  I have to remind myself that the Liar has the masses blinded to the truth because unless you know God, how can you know the truth.  It is like a person with sight asking a blind person why they cannot see what they is expecting too much of them.  I just cannot force people to accept God so they can see the truth for themselves because you are either going to believe in Him or not.   He loves us no matter what, no matter who we are, what we have done and He loves us just as we are in the midst of our sins.  Why can't we just love Him back and let Him have our soul instead of giving it over to His and our enemy?  He says to, try Him to see if He is real and if you do not believe in Him, why don't you just do that one time.  Just say, "God, if you are real, show me." 


Here is someone's experience when they asked God to show Himself real to them.





Even educated doctors, that are not Christian Conspiracy Theorist, like me, are not blind. This list of Holistic Doctors and Scientist, that are murdered and die under "mysterious" circumstances, grows longer by the day to the point that not even Steve Quayle is able to keep up his count since 1994. If you think for one minute these deaths are just mere coincidences, you need to get a grip on reality. The fact is, Holistic Medicine works. Of course it does, everything we need for healing was put here by God and not made by witch doctors at Pharmaceutical Companies to use on people like they are guinea pigs while they get rich off of people's addictions, pills for depression that cause homicide and suicide, putting 1st graders on Adderall, Ritalin and Gender altering drugs as young as 9 years old. These doctors and scientist are actually getting people healed with Holistic medicine, the powers that be do not like that, it steps on their pockets and reveals the truth. History tells us that revealing the truth can be detrimental to your health, you end up dead.

                     READ MORE

Holistic Doctor Dies in Florida

Steve Quayle's List -    Dead Scientist 1993 to 2003
                                       Dead Scientist 2004 to Present


High Alert: New Volcanic Eruption in Hawaii Spews More Lava Into the Ocean & Triggering More Fears

Historic Cross Removed

     A large white cross that had stood on state property in Michigan for nearly 70 years has been removed after the Michigan Association of Civil Rights filed a complaint.

     According to The Christian Post, the cross had stood on Sackrider Hill in the Waterloo Recreation Area in Jackson County since 1950. It is owned by the Grass Lake Ministerial Association, which will be helping remove it to a permanent location.

     John Pepin, deputy public information officer for Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR), explained what happened:

    "Basically, it came down to, there was a cross that we didn't own that was on land that we did own. We worked with the people that owned the cross and they voted to support removing it to a permanent location."

     While the Michigan Association of Civil Rights spearheaded the process to remove the cross from state land, other groups were in favor of allowing it to stay.

     Grassroots Jackson, a Michigan volunteer group, even started a petition, urging the Michigan DNR to reject the complaint about the cross.

     In the petition, Grassroots Jackson called the cross “historic,” and referenced a 1992 decision by the DNR that “allowed the cross to stay.”

     The group was ultimately unsuccessful in their petition, however, when the cross was removed this week.

Russia and Syria Finish ISIS Beatdown and Win Back Damascus
Rebels Fighters Leave On Buses?  What?

ISIS free ride after Syrian war

Article Below Commentary:


     I am sorry when things just do not make sense to me, I just have to put my two cents worth in.  ISIS rebels and their families are leaving on busses?  Yes, by all means, get the women and children out but shouldn't the men be confined somewhere like most prisoners of war?  It was stipulated in a "deal" that they would lay down their weapons and obviously be transported by bus to the nearest Best Western.  Ok, not to the nearest Best Western, I am just being sarcastic but come on.  If they were ready to give up that means they knew they could not win and just surrender soon.  To me, that is just crazy that they get transportation out of the place they caused death and destruction and just go live to fight another day somewhere else.  It is hard to understand what is really going on in these wars because there are so many and you cannot trust the media to tell you the truth in the United States, you have to go to foreign news sites and lots of them to figure it out. All I know is that Putin is trying to keep ISIS as far away from Russia as possible and the United States needs to keep out of it because it is not their border at risk and not their war.  No, I do not agree with those chemicals that were used and killed civilians.  I feel so sorry for anyone innocent person who has to live in a war zone.  We do not know how fortunate we are here in the United States to never have bullets, bombs, and chemicals going off all around us.  I am not sure we appreciate the peace we have because there is not a generation alive here in this country that has gone through such things.  That is not to say that is will not happen because anything is possible but I pray that it does not.  If and when it does happen, you can thank the open borders policy that allows anyone who wants, to enter the United States.  If thousands and thousands of people from Mexico can enter the US every year unseen and unrecorded, then so can Islamic radicals.  We do not have a clue to the number of ISIS, Hamas, or any other group, that is in the United States right now just waiting for the signal to unleash hell.  


DAMASCUS, SYRIA (3:40 P.M.) – The last batch of rebel fighters are expected to leave towns in southern Damascus as more busses are preparing a long trip to the country’s north.

     Nearly 1500 militants and their families are expected to leave, today, their former strongholds of Yalda, Babila and Beit Sahm towns after accepting an evacuation deal with the Syrian government. Rebels of various groups who refused to reconcile had earlier handed over their weapons as stipulated in the deal.

     Up to 40 buses have already entered the districts of southern Damascus for today’s evacuation.

     More than 8000 militiamen escorted with their families have previously left in 5 batches.  According to the agreement, the Syrian government will take over the three towns once the evacuation is completed. Meanwhile. Clashes intensify as Syrian forces crackdown on ISIS jihadists in Hajar Aswad neighborhood.  READ HERE

Teen Gunman Texas

     Texas on Saturday will likely release the names of nine students and a teacher killed by a gunman, identified by authorities as a 17-year-old student armed with a shotgun and pistol, who opened fire in a morning art class in his Houston-area high school.

     Santa Fe High School, southeast of Houston, joined on Friday a long list of U.S. campuses where students and faculty have been killed in mass shootings.

     Shortly before 8 a.m., students said the gunman, identified by law enforcement as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, opened fire in an art class, sending students and staff fleeing. 

     The teen who allegedly used a shotgun and a revolver to kill 10 people at his high school in Texas spared the people he liked during the deadly rampage, a probable cause affidavit says. Suspect Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, has cooperated with police, Galveston County Magistrate Mark Henry said. Pagourtzis told an investigator he acted alone and spared people he liked because he wanted his story told, the probable cause affidavit says. He was held without bail and is accused of capital murder of multiple people and aggravated assault on a public servant.

     Nine students and one teacher were killed, a law enforcement official told CNN. At least 10 people were injured. Pagourtzis said little during a video court appearance Friday, answering, "Yes, sir," when asked whether he wanted a court-appointed attorney. He was not asked to enter a plea, and bond was denied.

     The gunfire at Santa Fe High School, not far from Houston in southeastern Texas, started Friday morning. The alleged shooter used a shotgun and a .38 revolver legally owned by his father, Gov. Greg Abbott told reporters. Gunfire erupted at the school not long after classes began around 7:30 a.m. local time, officials said. Two school resource officers were on the campus and confronted the shooter, Abbott said. Authorities later found explosive devices -- including pipe bombs and pressure cookers -- in and near the school, a law enforcement official said.

                                                                                                      READ MORE

     This is not because of guns, this is a result of the deterioration of American society and allowing your children to march to the beat of an evil drum.  Instead of teaching your children to be individuals they are programmed to follow who they see and what they listen to on TV and in music.  They have to wear what they wear, live how they live and believe how they believe and it is all an illusion.  In schools today, you better be like everyone else or you will be bullied and ridiculed.  Why is this?  It is because parents do not believe in God and they do not teach their children to believe, they have no firm foundation on which they build their lives.  Their foundation is materialism, riches, fame and following the evil and Satanic agenda flowing from the media twenty-four seven.  It all started so subtle and has snowballed into the hell we have going on today but nobody can figure out just why that is because surely it has to be the guns.  A gun is just a gun, it takes a deranged mind to pick up that gun and go kill people for no apparent reason but there is a reason but that reason is just dismissed as some old school fairy tale.

     I do not see a future of anything changing anytime soon because trying to tell people that God is real is fruitless because nobody wants to hear that.  You cannot do what you really want to do if there is someone you actually have to answer to and there are consequences to your actions.   If we are so civilized and technologically advanced that we do not need God, why are these types of things happening at such an alarming rate? It never happened when I went to school because we had a paddle waiting for us if we misbehaved in school and a parent waiting at home to finish the job of discipline.  Today, that type of punishment is not allowed in school and if the parent tries disciplining their child, the child only has to make a phone call to CPS to remedy that situation.  The rights of parents who do want to discipline their child have been taken away by the government and the results are all too evident.

     In all fairness, I have to bring up the parents that do go to church and take their children to church but these parents are the ones that have one face on Sundays and the rest of the week, they have their real face on.  They say, Amen on Sunday but the rest of the week their children see them living just as the rest of the ungodly world and that, most definitely, sends the children a mixed message.  They grow up thinking God is the biggest hypocrisy ever and end up wanting nothing to do with it and I cannot say I blame them.    

     Each generation has gotten progressively worse when they decided there is no God but it is next to impossible to convince anyone of that.  There are only a small remnant of true Christians left in the United States and their belief and way of life are facing an escalation of persecution on a daily basis because, after all, nobody wants their sins uncovered and we represent a standard.  It is not our standard that we live by but God's standard that He commands us to live by and we are good with that because it really works.  We stick our faces in His instruction book and find the answers to all life's problems.  We go through terrible things just like everyone else but we know in the end we will have our final reward in an eternal life and the woes we went through in this temporary one will no longer exist.   We teach our children that there is a God to answer to who loves them and will never leave them.  We give our children a firm foundation on which to build their lives and a reassurance that this is not all there is because if this is all there is, then I myself say, what is the use.  The god of this world is Satan, of that it is evident.  Man gave it to him a very long time ago and has allowed him to rule it until this very day and by allowing your children to partake in the seductive, evil things in it, you just turn them over to him mind, body and soul.  It is not even hidden and subtle anymore, it is right in your face just as evil and debauched as it can be and you allow your children to be raised by it.   Even if you do not believe in God, why is that?        

Screaming Like a Chorus of Jet Engines From Venting Steam and Gas, Mixed With the Slapping Sounds of Liquid Lava.

From afar, the fissure gave off dull, thumping roars that sharpened on approach to a scream like a chorus of jet engines from venting steam and gas, mixed with the slapping sounds of liquid lava.

Within hours of opening, the fissure had piled reddish-black lava about 40 feet (12 meters) high and at least 150 feet (45 meters) in length. Chunks of magma were being spewed 100 feet (30 meters) in the air.

The intense heat left onlookers drenched with sweat, and the air was filled with an acrid, burned scent. With billowing gas and smoke blowing in the opposite direction, there was no pungent smell of toxic sulfur dioxide in the air.

Shortly after the fissure opened, the Geological Survey’s Hawaii Volcano Observatory said seismic activity remained “elevated” at Kilauea’s 4,000-feet-high (1,200-meter-high) summit. The USGS reported a shallow but small earthquake with a magnitude of 3.5 hit the island on Saturday.

Geologists warned on Friday that a steam-driven eruption from the summit’s Halemaumau crater could spew ash plumes 20,000 feet (6,100 meters) high and spread ash and debris up to 12 miles (19 km).

Kilauea’s vents have been oozing relatively cool, sluggish magma left over from a similar event in 1955. Fresher magma could now emerge behind it and the volcano is threatening to start a series of explosive eruptions, scientists have said.  READ MORE

U.S. Jets Intercept Pair of Russian Bombers off Alaskan Coast

     How long do you think it will be before we are eventually invaded?  If you think that can never happen in the United States, you need to think again.  Many great Empires thought the same exact thing and every single one of them fell. You can know the future from Bible prophecy. You can know the broad outlines of world history, and what will happen to the great nations of this 21st century! There is a God in heaven who is working out a great plan here on earth. He is giving human beings and human civilization six millennia to experiment with religion, science, government, business, education and social institutions. God is allowing human beings to go their own predictable, carnal way of selfishness, war, and violence, but He often intervenes in order to teach lasting lessons of life and death.      Note these sobering words by former U.S. Education Secretary William Bennett: "National prosperity, as it happens, is largely dependent on lots of good private character. If lying, manipulation, sloth, lack of discipline, and personal irresponsibility become commonplace, the national economy grinds down. A society that produces street predators and white-collar criminals has to pay for prison cells. A society in which drug use is rampant must pay for drug treatment centers. The breaking up of families means many more foster homes and lower high school graduation rates. A society that is parsimonious in its personal charity (in terms of both time and money) will require more government welfare. Just as there are enormous financial benefits to moral health, there are enormous financial costs to moral collapse" (The Death of Outrage, pp. 35–36).

Two Russian long-range bombers were intercepted off the coast of Alaska by a pair of F-22 Raptor fighter jets on Friday, the military said.

The Tu-95 bombers were flying in the Air Defense Identification Zone in the Bering Sea north of the Aleutian Islands, where they were visually identified and shadowed by the U.S. jets at 10 a.m., said Navy Capt. Scott Miller, a North American Aerospace Defense Command spokesman.

The bombers did not enter North American sovereign airspace, he said in a statement. Miller declined to say how close the bombers came to U.S. land. Fox News reported they flew as close as 55 miles off Alaska’s west coast.

Friday’s encounter was the first of its kind in just more than a year, Miller said. A similar incident occurred off Alaskan waters in April 2017 in what U.S. officials have described as routine if not tense encounters between adversarial aircraft where territorial lines meet.

[The Navy is resurrecting a fleet to protect the East Coast and North Atlantic from Russia] READ MORE

Tu-95 Bomber

200 Million Eggs Recalled: How Does Salmonella Get into Eggs, Anyway?


     More than 200 million eggs are being recalled because they could be contaminated with Salmonella, but how do the bacteria get into eggs in the first place?

On Friday (April 13), egg producer Rose Acre Farms announced that it was recalling about 207 million eggs that came from its North Carolina farm. The eggs were distributed to nine states and were sold under multiple brand names, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So far, the outbreak has sickened 22 people.

With eggs, Salmonella contamination often happens inside the chicken itself, said Benjamin Chapman, an associate professor and food safety specialist at North Carolina State University. That's because Salmonella bacteria can colonize the ovaries of the chicken and get inserted into the egg during egg formation, he said. That means that even eggs that appear normal could have Salmonella lurking inside.

     The eggs were sold in Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

     Brands affected include Country Daybreak, Coburn Farms, Sunshine Farms, Great Value, and Glenview. Consumers can check the Food and Drug Administration's website for a full list of recalled brands.

200 million poison eggs

The Longest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century Will Take Place Very Soon
"The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood
Before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes." - Joel 2:31

     I am not saying this is the End of the World "Lunar Eclipse" but what I am saying is that the Bible is specific on two celestial events that will take place in the End Days, one occurrence causing both events of the Sun being turned into darkness and the Moon appearing crimson as blood.  
     There are a plethora of events that could cause this such as, a Super Volcanic eruption or a Chain of Eruptions from various locations,  a Nuclear Exchange of Nations, a Celestial Event near-Earth, or a large capacity Meteor hitting the earth's surface
     The response of most people, "Why worry about it, there is nothing I can do about it anyway."  My answer is this, that may be your attitude in the here and now but I guarantee you if this comes to pass in your lifetime, during your terror, you will wish you listened to the warnings. Instead of worrying about living for today and getting all the gusto you can, you should be concerned about the final destination of your soul.    

The moon

"If The World Hated Me, It Will Hate You Also." 


     GQ, the elite men's magazine, the mighty and wise GQ states that the Bible is over-rated, a "book" that you do not have to read and, the people who rate it highly, "Christians", have never read it.  According to GQ, it has a few good parts but it is not the finest that man has ever produced.  Well, GQ, let me clue you in on a little something, we are not talking about Hari Kunzrus' "White Tears", here, one of your "highly rated" books.  If you believed in God you would know that it was inspired by God and then that inspiration was written by men, men who believed in God. 

     According to GQ the Bible is over-rated, contradictory, repetitive, foolish and ill-intended.  Hey, GQ, get a clue, it is over-rated by your foolish, ill-intended, repetitive and contradictory assessment because you do not have a clue what you are talking about.  You can push your anti-God and anti-Christian agenda all you want because, in the end, it will not change the truth.  The truth is that you are just another self-loving, misguided, money-grubbing god unto yourself.  Are you not supposed to be those liberal, peace-loving and tolerant folks on the left, well it certainly does not sound at all like that. 

     You keep your fancy magazine with all its riches and worldly wisdom and we will keep that "book" you tread upon.  The book that million died for, the book that has been banned, burned, tore up and spit upon yet, they just could not get rid of it for all these thousands of years.  As a matter of fact, long after your magazine is forgotten and you and all your corrupted riches are rotting in the ground, it will still be here.  Also, you may have overlooked the fact that 3.9 billion people have read the Bible, how many people read your magazine?  I highly doubt your numbers will ever come close. 

Michigan Serial Killer

     Let me tell you from first-hand knowledge, if you ever get E-Coli you will never forget it.  I  contracted it twice and I am not sure what this woman, in the video, is talking about because I was on antibiotics, an IV, and hospitalized for a week both times. Mine was not caused by food, actually, they have no clue what caused it.  It started as a UTI and turned into HELL.   You may not die but you will wish you would.  My temperature was so high they said we only see this high of a temperature in children.  Yes, there are some strains that can make you sick, so sick that your organs shut down and you die.

     Do you think that the FDA is really doing their job?  Think again, you do not have a clue what is going into your body these days.  Remember this, money talks, money buys and people lie. READ MORE

Lettuce E. coli outbreak

PAHOA, Hawaii — The Kilauea volcano erupted again on Tuesday, spewing toxic gases out of two new vents and prompting authorities to call for an immediate evacuation of residents from a second neighborhood on the Big Island.

The County of Hawaii Civil Defense Agency issued an emergency bulletin ordering residents of the Lanipuna Gardens area on the east side of the island to leave their homes. READ MORE

Volcano damage

Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is squirting lava and toxic gas through new cracks in the Earth
The Big Island’s most active volcano is forcing thousands to flee, though officials say only a small area is affected.

Pray for these poor people 
The Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island was squirting fountains of glowing lava as high as 230 feet in the air Saturday evening as new fissures in the ongoing eruption opened.
The seismic event kicked off with small cracks appearing on the volcano on May 1, according to the US Geological Survey. Then came a towering plume of pink smoke on Thursday and a magnitude 6.9 earthquake, the island’s largest in 42 years, on Friday afternoon. Now a total of 10 fissures have opened up on the volcano’s eastern side, and nine homes have been destroyed from the lava bursting out of them.

Volcano causes fires

Reports and images from the island show smoke billowing from cracked pavement and spurts of lava igniting trees, leaving charred scars over the landscape. Ken Rubin, a geologist a the University of Hawaii, described  Saturday night’s activity as “molten spatter in pulses. 

Parks and college campuses are closed while some of the island’s 185,000 residents have been forced to flee. Some roads are damaged and there’s a chance the fissures could open further or new ones could emerge. 


Officials have sought to reassure residents and tourists that the eruption is concentrated in a small region of the island and that most areas remain safe.

“We have heard from people around the world concerned about Hawaii’s welfare and want to reassure everyone that this is limited to a remote region on the slopes of Kilauea volcano,” Hawaii Gov. David Ige said in a statement. “Everywhere else in the Hawaiian Islands is not affected.”

But as the volcano continues to erupt, scientists and officials expect more tremors and more ruptures to form.

“At this time eruptive activity is increasing and is expected to continue,” the County of Hawaii’s Civil Defense Agency reported late Saturday. “All residents in Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens Subdivisions have been placed on evacuation notice due to volcanic activity and smoke hazards.”

A big concern during this eruption is the emissions of sulfur dioxide, which the Civil Defense Agency called “a threat to all who become exposed.” The colorless gas with a pungent odor is often ejected in massive quantities during a volcanic eruption. At ground level, it can make breathing difficult. Released into the atmosphere, it can change the temperature of the planet.

The eruption has already triggered hundreds of smaller earthquakes, and scientists have highlighted some warning signs to look out for ahead of new fissures.

              READ MORE



Governor signs Fetal Heartbeat Bill

     I could not be more pleased and you can save your rhetoric, "It is a woman's right", you lost your right when you had unprotected sex.  The only time a woman should have a choice is when it is her life or the baby's life and I mean for medical reasons not because you just cannot mentally handle it.             Your carelessness, your selfishness, rape and any other reason is not that baby's fault and it has a right to live.                                                                     I am tired of the convenience of mass murder because "It a woman's right".  Tired of Planned Parenthood pushing their agenda and then making a profit off of fetuses for "stem cell research".  If the only way you can do research in this area is by using the tissue from murdered babies then you do not need to do that research or find another way.          The State of Iowa deserves a medal for this decision and I hope other states follow suit. 

Alfie Evans Dies After Hospital and Courts, Take Away Parent's Rights and Play God

     I am not sure whom these people think they are taking away the parent's right to do what they want for their child.  Italy offers them their services of treatment for their son's condition and the hospital and court system forbid it.  I do not understand what gives them the right to do that.  The reason stated by the hospital, it could cause possible continuous seizures.  Seriously, the child's only chance to live and they are denying him the right to go to a hospital that has accepted his case and may possibly be able to help him because he may have seizures. They obviously thought letting him die was better than the possible hope of letting him live.
     Alfie is then taken off life support against his parent's will and given only fluid and no nutrition which appears to the parents that the hospital wants to start staving him to death since he started breathing on his own and did not die until days later.                                             The parents then ask permission to take Alphie home to die and are denied because they are a possible flight risk to Italy.  Obviously, in the UK you do not have any rights over the life of your family members.  It is somewhat like that here in the U.S.  Talk about taking total control of people and it is just the beginning.                                                                                                                                               
     I never liked the fact that hospitals decide what trimester to attempt to sustain a baby's life that is born prematurely.    Doctors have no problem allowing babies to die who are born prematurely, no problem murdering them in the womb by the millions and throwing them in a metal pan to finish dying but states that have the death penalty for the most heinous of crimes cannot find a doctor to correctly perform lethal injection.  Prisons cannot even find Pharmaceutical companies to sell them the drugs they have to get them from Mexico and they are substandard quality and cause botched executions.  It is more important for doctors to be Politically Correct than it is for them to uphold the oath to preserve life.  If lethal injection is against their oath as a doctor then so should allowing babies to die and murdering them in utero by the millions.  What a bunch of hypocrites.         
     Alfie Evans has now gone on to be with the Lord leaving behind his brokenhearted parents.  Say a prayer for them.
Alfie Evans 23 Months Old Died April 28th, 2018                                         The "Criminal" Who Fought for Their Baby to Live  


They let Alfie die
Alfie's Parents
The Village Idiot

Forcing 23 month-old Alfie Evans to die by starvation “is not killing,” Dr. Ranj Singh argued on U.K.’s “This Morning” ITV program Friday, Express reports.


Withdrawing life-support and refusing to allow Alfie’s parents to take him home, feed and care for him, is, instead merely “redirecting care,” Dr. Singh said:

“This is not the killing of a child – this is redirecting care to make them more comfortable.”


In Alfie’s case, redirecting care to make him “more comfortable” means denying him food, water and life support. Dr. Singh doubled down on his claim, framing the withdrawal of life support as a way to make patients more comfortable and give them “the most dignifying life”:


“Withdrawing life support is not killing someone. It is redirecting care to make them more comfortable and give them the most dignifying life that you can.”

Not surprisingly, Singh is a clinical technician who works for the U.K.’s government-run health care system.


Golden State Killer suspect arrested in California


       It took a very long time but James Joseph DeAngelo's sins finally caught up with him and to make it even more horrifying, he was a police officer for a short period of time during the 70's and was fired for stealing dog repellent and a hammer from a drug store.  DeAngelo is also known as the original Night Stalker, East Area Rapist, East Bay Rapist, the Diamond Knot Killer and finally the Golden State Killer.   

      He is now 72 years old and among his friends, DNA is not one.  

      In all compassion and fairness, my heart goes out to his unsuspecting family members, let us remember it is, most certainly, not their fault.  I am certain there were "signs", there always are but most family members just cannot fathom that their husband, father or son could ever do such a thing.  These demons hide their true evil, soulless deeds like the professional vehicle of Satan that they truly are.  Do not attempt the argument that he is mentally ill because he operated in society, quite well, for over 40 years while he raped, pillaged and murdered innocent victims.

    He better hopes he dies before they turn him loose in General Population at the State Penitentiary because the boys in the box hate rapist and child molesters.    DeAngelo had over four decades to stop his demonic fueled rampage but the truth of the matter is the fact that he enjoyed himself just too much to seek help and stop. You have to understand, these people have gone over to the other side and at just one moment in their lives, they decide to act on the evil impulses that whisper in their ear.  They allow something else to take them over and act out the vilest, most violent, hideous atrocities one can inflict on another human being.     

The Golden State Killer

































Severe weather outbreak, tornado risk poised to strike central US next week

If you would like to read about that click on the link above, personally I have another agenda on this weather report.


     I am going to make this rant as brief as possible and if you are looking for butterflies and rainbows, please go to because I am about to get down to business.  Unfortunately, the younger generation will have a hard time with this because they never got to see the REAL WORLD, the one we ancients grew up in.  We did not have military jets spraying at sunrise and sunset hiding just whatever it is they are hiding and, of course, I have my theories on that.  The "Sleeper" says, "Those are just contrails, it is simply steam."  We ancients lay on our backs as kids watching the jets go by because our eyes were not tethered to an object in our hand 24/7 and we know that a commercial jet contrail just simply DISAPPEARS.  Now, depending on how much weather modification or which object of the day the powers that be need to hide, we get quite a show on a constant basis.  See, in our day, commercial jets just did not play Tic Tac Toe for hours on end and then go into doodling just for the hell of it.  They went from point A to point B with a purpose and it was not to create the greatest layer of chemical toxins humanly possible but hey, keep staring at that amazing idiot box in your hand because the last time you looked up was when you ran into a pole.  They even have the audacity to name their doodles and teach school children that they are "new" clouds.  Parents are like, "That's right Johnny, that there is a Cirrus Idiotious."   

     Ok, enough pleasantries let us get down to brass tacks.  It is called GEO Engineering, they are attempting to play God and just because I cannot pinpoint the exact reason does not make it a "Conspiracy Theory" because you know our wheels are always cranking that direction in the, ya can't-fool me zone because you can't and do not fall into that lie that it is just all for our own good...get real.  They can and they do modify the weather constantly and do not think for one single minute it is not used for weaponry.  I am not going to continue on in an attempt to convince anyone.  If you care enough you will make an effort to educate yourself but the sad fact is until 120-mile-per-hour winds roll your house into the next county you could likely care less.  For those of you that just might like to know the TRUTH go to,  

     Listen, the weather is never going to be normal again as long as the mad scientist keep playing their game and trust me, they do not care about you.  People are not going to have carefree summers basking in the lovely sun simulator.  They are chem trailing the skies, blasting HAARP microwaves into the atmosphere, genetically modifying the plants and animals, and seeing just how fast they can ramp CERN up to "open up other dimensions".

     Now look, I am not trying to scare you, I am not scared this is all part of the End Time scenario and God is still in control.  Oh, you say, "I do not believe in God, that is a fairytale for the weak who need a crutch."  Well, that is unfortunate because that just happens to be your only hope because if you think for one minute that things are going to only get better, well, you are the one living in a fairytale.  This one-time paradise is just the temporary cesspool that man made it with his free will.  You can save that, "If God is so good then why...?"  Look in the mirror, that is why because it has always been up to us what road to take.  Just take a look around you, pluck your face out of that phone, people are getting increasingly more evil by the minute and why is that?  They are godless, they do not need god, they are their own god.  





   Two brothers decided to build a house for each of their families.  John just loved the beach with its white sand and the sound of the blue clear water breaking on the beach. He had a job making a nice high six-figure income every year with bonuses.   He built a beautiful home, with a boathouse, pier, dock, tennis court, and even an indoor pool for the rainy weather.  He spared no expense and lavished the highest tech appliances on his wife, a game room for his children, state of the art entertainment system, and home surveillance technology.  Life was spectacular for John and his family.

    Leeland was not as fortunate as John, he was a man who worked with his hands and made a decent living for his family.  There were no extravagances but they had all the comforts of home. Day in and day out for six years John and his sons cleared the land at the top of the mountain that overlooked his brother's beach house. They removed boulders and used the timber from the cut-down trees and built a large log cabin equipped with two fireplaces, solar panels, and a freshwater well. 

     One morning as Leeland sat outside he noticed ominous darkness over the ocean creeping toward the land on which his family lived.  Looking at his brother's house below, he yelled and motioned for him to come up to his house.  Leeland pointed across the ocean at the blackening sky but John only gave a wave of dismissal and went back into his home.  

     The storm pounded the shore with an unexpected vengeful fury of raging unmerciful raw power. It ravaged the land with torrential rain for hours and Leeland could not see mear feet beyond his window.  Eventually, the torrents of rain subsided and small rivers ran down the mountainside in front of Leelands house.  

     As the fog slowly lifted, there was nothing but sand where his brother's house once stood.  Leeland lost his brother and his family on that day.  





The story above is my version of Matthew 7:24-27 where the Bible says:

Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: 
And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.  
And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: 
And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house
; and it fell: and great was the fall of it. 

Jesus said that whoever heard his words and obeyed Him, would be like a wise man who built on a rock. And that house could never be torn down!!! It could never be moved!

But if we only hear the wonderful words of Jesus and yet still go our own way and don't do what He says, then we are like a foolish person, who builds his house on the sand! Just think about that, who would want to build a house on a sand-dune? It sounds very foolish doesn't it?




Waffle House Shooting Suspect Captured...Another MKUltra Zombie?

    Why do most of these shooters look like they are in a trance?  How convenient, "that someone" found a laptop bag with Travis Reinking's ID in it, either Mr. Reinking is the dumbest guy on the planet or I still smell fish.
     Sunday's incident was the third major crime in a high-profile location in this neighborhood in less than three years. Emanuel K. Sampson, 26, has been accused of killing one woman and injuring seven others in a Sept. 24 shooting at Burnette Chapel Church, and police killed Vincente Montano, 29, on Aug. 5, 2015, after he attacked three people with pepper spray and wounded one of the three with a hatchet at Carmike Hickory 8 movie theaters.  WHAT?  We do not even have this much going on here in the DET.  Is this place within the Bermuda Triangle, built over a sacred Indian burial ground or a scene out of, "Pet Cemetary", "The ground is SOUR DOC."   This tiny little place off US-24 in Tennessee is straight out of a Stephen King novel.
     You know, I know that I sound totally insane, I even feel insane thinking it but the truth is, MKUltra is real, all one has to do is just a little research into certain, shall we say, unsavory government experiments.  The fact also remains a constant thorn in the side of law-abiding CPL holders that certain powers that be desperately want to take away our rights to bear arms.  
     I mean this story only gets more insane just as I predicted.  In the days before Sunday's Waffle House shooting, Reinking also had stolen a car from a BMW dealership and ran from police in Brentwood, Tenn., a little more than 5 miles from the shooting site. Police there briefly chased him Tuesday through rush-hour traffic, but he got away.  Seriously!!!!!  Are you telling me that Andy and Barney knew who stole the BMW from the dealership and just could not catch up with him even after the White House incident?  I am just totally shocked, if it were possible, I would be at a loss for words. This guy in July 2017 enters a restricted area of the White House, he then loses his firearms authorization but Andy and Barney just handed his FOUR GUNS over to his daddy Otis. Of course, as I mentioned in yesterday's article, daddy gave him back his FOUR GUNS AFTER THE COPS TOOK THEM AWAY.  You know, I'm not sure about Tenessee police but here in Detroit, they would be gone and daddy would have to go to court to get them back. Do not quote me on that one though, my common sense it working hard at overriding this fairytale. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Then it is Grand Theft Auto time from the local BMW dealership but the same guy who only wore a coat to the Waffle House fled totally naked, went home, put on a pair of BLACK pants, and left his ID out in the open in his laptop bag was able to drive like Mario Andretti and avoid capture by the police.  Please, please...let me know if you even have a tiny glimmer in your eyes at this point at least let me know your pupils are starting to dilate.
     The article goes on...Police used the car's GPS to track it to Reinking's apartment complex although he was not identified as a suspect in the theft at that time. Well, have they ever heard of fingerprints or in Mr. Reinking's case, at the very least, testicle prints, after all, the guy does not like clothing much.  Are you trying to tell me that this naked, crazed, sloppy ID-dropping criminal is genius enough to not leave any prints in the car or that no investigation was made at the apartment complex?  I am more than certain, that Mr. Reinking's neighbors have some wonderful tales to tell.
    Come on people, WAKE THE HELL UP!!!  Do you even know when you are being spun?  
    Even as more information about the suspect emerged, Aaron said police did not know what motivated the shooting.  (Maybe the MKUltra, who knows) 
    Picture this next paragraph in your mind, it actually makes me shudder.  Meanwhile, as the search continued in Antioch, residents peered from windows and front doors as a SWAT truck rolled through. Officers and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives plodded through thick mud and densely wooded areas scattered through the neighborhood.  Ask Randy Weaver how that feels in your own backyard.  This is for ONE GUY...police used to be able to do this on their own with just what was on their force...THIS IS ONE GUY.  
     The more I read this the sicker my stomach gets.  Next sentence...Although gunshots were heard at one point during the search, Aaron said they had nothing to do with the manhunt and might have come from a nearby gun rangeSchools in the Antioch area and nearby LaVergne, Tenn., were locked to visitors. Ok, there is an armed gunman on the loose who has just shot and murdered people at the local Waffle House on SUNDAY, HE IS STILL AT LARGE ON MONDAY BUT WE ARE GOING TO SEND OUR KIDS TO SCHOOL AND WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT CLOSE THE GUN RANGE DOWN.  
   To throw a little bright humanitarian spin on this story, right after the shooting a car pulled into the parking lot and a woman gave birth to a baby.  I JUST CAN'T!!!  I write fiction from time to time and if I wrote something like this, I would not expect anyone to even try to rationalize it fiction or non-fiction.  
     This Guy is not even in the same world we are...I have no idea what happened to him.  Make no mistake, if there is no foul play and this is all him, he deserves whatever the State of Tennessee has for him and they do lethal injection but if you cannot see the holes in this, I just do not understand.  This guy was an idiot and a genius at the same time and flags were flying for law enforcement all the way from the White House and back and nobody stopped this guy...and you wonder why we suspect false flags being set up every time we turn around just to have more reason to disarm those of us who obey the law and just want to protect ourselves?  
     We are all just expected to believe all this like it all fits together and makes perfect sense and it just does not.
     I'm sorry...I did not quite finish the story.  Just when I was convinced there was no way that this story could not get any more bazaar, I was totally wrong.     It was not immediately clear how or why Reinking obtained a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card in Illinois, (I mean, after all, Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the entire United Statesor whether he had been diagnosed with any mental illness before he moved to Tennessee. Illinois state law prohibits someone who’s been “adjudicated as a mental defective” or has been a patient at a mental institution from obtaining a firearm license.  But documents released by the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois paint a picture of what they described as a troubled — and armed — man who had talked about killing himself.
     Late at night on May 26, 2016, an emergency response officer found Reinking at a CVS parking lot in Morton, where his family lives. Reinking believed that pop star Taylor Swift had been hacking his phone and that his family was involved in the harassment.  According to a police report, he told a bizarre story about a Dairy Queen meetup with Swift that ended with Reinking looking for the singer on the restaurant’s rooftop. The police report says Reinking was eventually taken to a hospital to be evaluated.
     On June 16, 2017, officials say Reinking — who was living inside a shop above the offices of his father’s construction business in Tremont, Ill. — screamed at two employees before driving away wearing a pink dress and carrying an AR-15 rifle. He showed up minutes later at a local pool, jumped into the water wearing only his underwear and exposed himself to the lifeguards, a police report says.  Reinking’s father and sister both told officials that they would try to keep the weapons away from Reinking until he got psychological help, the report says.  READ MORE...            The End


Airstrikes pound insurgent enclave close to Damascus


BEIRUT/LONDON (Reuters) - Airstrikes pounded a jihadist-held area near Damascus on Sunday, footage broadcast by Syrian state TV stations showed, as the Syrian government stepped up efforts to wipe out the insurgency’s last foothold near the capital. 

Thick clouds of smoke rose from the al-Hajar al-Aswad area and the sound of jets could be heard in broadcasts from the area just south of Damascus that is controlled by insurgents from the Islamic State and Nusra Front groups.

UNRWA, the U.N. agency that cares for Palestinians, said two Palestinian refugee civilians - a father and son - had been killed in their home in the adjacent Palestinian camp of Yarmouk.

Thousands of homes had been destroyed in Yarmouk in the last four days of fighting, Chris Gunness, UNRWA spokesman, said.

“There must be safe passage for the sick and the wounded and the dying civilians,” he said. “Yarmouk has been transformed into a death camp, like one of the lower regions of hell.”

The jihadist-held enclave is adjoined by a pocket held by other rebel groups fighting under the Free Syrian Army banner.

President Bashar al-Assad, backed by Iran and Russia, is seeking to crush the last few besieged rebel enclaves, building on the defeat of insurgents in the eastern Ghouta region, which was the rebels’ last major stronghold near the capital.

Rebel fighters on Saturday began to withdraw from an enclave they held northeast of Damascus in the eastern Qalamoun region in a surrender agreement with the government. They are being transported to opposition-held territory at the Turkish border.

Although the conquest of eastern Qalamoun and the enclave south of Damascus will leave just one remaining besieged rebel enclave, north of the city of Homs, large parts of Syria at the borders with Jordan, Israel, Turkey, and Iraq remain outside Assad’s control.

Anti-Assad rebels hold a chunk of territory in the southwest and the northwest, and Kurdish-led militias, backed by the United States, control an expanse of northern and eastern Syria.


The Coming Destruction of Damascus

The Prophecy of Isaiah 17

By Tani Shrabel

Originally published in the January-February edition of Endtime magazine.




June 28, 2006, in Syria just before dawn, a deafening explosion pierced the silence. President Bashar al-Assad, heart-pounding, jolted awake. While the windows were still rattling from the concussion the doors to his sleeping chamber crashed open. His personal guards grabbed him by the arms and whisked him toward the Palace safe room just as he heard the loud buzz of jet fighters on approach and another ear-piercing boom. Gripped with fear Assad asked, “Are we under attack?” One guard said, “Sir, we are communicating with intelligence right now. They think it’s the Israelis.”


Sometime later Assad learned that Israeli fighters crossed the Syrian border in retaliation to rockets fired from Gaza on Israel. The sonic booms caused by the Israeli fly-over were a warning to Damascus officials, “Stop supporting Iran sponsored Hamas terror attacks against Israel; we can and will enter your airspace anytime we deem it necessary.” This unofficial dramatization emphasizes the surprise tactic Israel used to deliver a message but should it become necessary in the future, she has proved quite capable of delivering more.


Israel has scrutinized Damascus for years because of her political ties. Iranian leaders have acknowledged Damascus's importance to their agenda since she is Syria’s seat of political power. Senior Advisor of the Iranian Supreme Leader for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati said, “The chain of resistance against Israel by Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, the new Iraqi government, and Hamas passes through the Syrian highway (Damascus).” He added, “Syria is the golden ring of the chain of resistance against Israel.”


It’s only a matter of time before this Syrian highway of terror must be shut down. There is a prophecy in the Bible that says the city of Damascus will be destroyed never to recover? The main question is when?


The Prophecy

It’s in Isaiah 17 verse 1: “The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” 


Damascus will cease to be a city. So, obviously, this destruction is reserved for some time in the future since Damascus has been continuously inhabited for over four thousand years and remains Syria’s largest and most strategic city.


When will this destruction take place?

We will examine three possibilities. First Syria’s current crisis, second the fast-approaching prophesied war that will kill 2 billion people, and finally the Battle of Armageddon where Jesus Christ returns to set up His kingdom.

Will her demise be a result of the present turmoil in Syria?

Damascus has recently been the center of media attention for its role in using deadly force to squelch anti-government protests. Many world leaders want to see the current Syrian government headquartered in Damascus dismantled, even more so in light of her importance to Iran’s anti-Israel agenda. “Analysts say the collapse of Syria’s government would be a blow to Iran as Damascus is the Islamic state’s most important bridge to the Arab world.”


Also, John Hannah, a Foundation for Defense of Democracies fellow and national security adviser to former Vice President Dick Cheney, declared The Syrian crisis must be viewed first and foremost as an opportunity to weaken Iran. His exact words were, “This opportunity to take down this anti-Israeli, anti-US dictator (Assad) who is Iran’s sole Arab ally and has extended its tentacles into Lebanon and Gaza is absolutely imperative,” Hannah said. “It needs to be seen not just as a humanitarian crisis, but an opportunity to weaken the Iranian regime.” Could this present crisis lead to the destruction of Damascus?


Will the prophesied Euphrates River War end Damascus forever?

Revelation 9:13-15 says,

And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates. And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

World War II killed 52 million and was the largest war in human history. Unfortunately, this Euphrates River war will kill 40 times more people, around 2 billion. It is fast approaching and will be immensely devastating.

Also as you can see from verse 14 this war will emanate from the Euphrates River and part of that river runs right through Syria. Could this war end Damascus forever?


Will Damascus receive judgment at Armageddon?

Revelation 16:12-16 says,

And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared. And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty… And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.

Now, for the first time in history, the Euphrates River can be dried upon demand. In 1990 it was actually shut off for one month to fill the reservoir of the newly built Atatürk Dam in Turkey.


The kings of the east will come across the Euphrates and gather in Armageddon.  The word Armageddon comes from two words, Har Megiddo or hill of Megiddo. The city of Megiddo is up on a hill overlooking the plain of Megiddo.


Ezekiel chapter 38 says Meshech, the original word for Moscow, will participate in the battle. This means Russia will be at Armageddon. The most direct route for Russia is right through Damascus. Historically the most direct route to Megiddo from any direction has always been through Damascus.


The historic road traveled for thousands of years

The main route southward into Israel historically followed the international highway, which led from the Mesopotamian Euphrates River through Damascus to Megiddo (Armageddon). From there it was easy access to Jerusalem.


Even armies from the east such as Persia (Iran) and Assyria (Iraq), would use this route since the northern and central deserts of Arabia were so inhospitable, they would travel up the Tigris and Euphrates river valleys, west to Damascus then south to Megiddo.


Today the best and only road from the Euphrates to Megiddo is through Damascus as it has been for thousands of years. The armies on their way to Megiddo (Armageddon) will travel through Damascus. Could she be destroyed as a military tactic to stop the armies from approaching?


Why will Damascus be destroyed?

Isaiah 17:10-14 says,

Because thou hast forgotten the God of thy salvation, and hast not been mindful of the rock of thy strength… therefore shalt thou plant pleasant plants… [but] the harvest [shall be] a heap in the day of grief and of desperate sorrow. Woe to the multitude of many people, [which] make a noise like the noise of the seas; and to the rushing of nations, [that] make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters! The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters: but [God] shall rebuke them… And behold at evening tide trouble, and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us.

Damascus was one of the first regions to receive Christianity during the ministry of Apostle Paul. There were more Christians in Damascus than anywhere else in the world at that time. How sad she has forgotten her savior and become the main highway of terror in the resistance against Israel. Verse 11 says because she sowed evil thinking it was good, (evil schemes against Israel) she will harvest destruction and become a heap of ruins.


After Damascus becomes a heap of destruction verse 12 says the nations will rush against Israel and God will rebuke them. This is exactly the same scenario as the Battle of Armageddon. Verse 14 says in the evening the trouble will begin and before the next morning those who opposed Israel will be no more including Damascus. We don’t know for sure but maybe Israel will destroy Damascus to try and stop the invasion of Israel. For whatever reason Damascus will be destroyed at the Battle of Armageddon.


Who will Damascus belong to during the millennium?

Finally the best proof that Damascus will be destroyed at the Battle of Armageddon comes when we examine what happens to her survivors.


Isaiah 17:3 says, “The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the LORD of hosts.”


The word ‘glory’ here means honor splendor and abundance. So immediately after Damascus’ kingdom is taken away and she is destroyed, Syria’s remnant will enjoy equal abundance with the children of Israel.


What is Israel’s inheritance that she will share with Syria? It’s the Promised Land. God promised Abraham in Genesis 15:18: “Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates.”


Borders of the Promised Land

Ezekiel prophesied what the borders of the Promised Land would be during the millennium.


Ezekiel 47:13-21 describes the borders of the Promised Land. It says from the Great Sea (the Mediterranean) to Hauran in the north, which was on the border of the Euphrates River. Then it describes the eastern border, which will extend from the Euphrates all the way down through part of Jordan to the waters of strife in Kadesh in the south. This is the river of Egypt and then back to the Mediterranean.


These borders include Damascus and all of Syria. These are the exact same borders that are mentioned in Genesis 15. Israel will be given back all of her promised inheritance and the remnant of Syria will share in that inheritance. Damascus has always been part of the Promised Land and will one day be owned by Israel again.


Even though Syria’s current crisis and the coming Euphrates River war have reasons that could warrant the destruction of Damascus. As the scriptures have shown us she will be destroyed at the Battle of Armageddon and be a ruinous heap forever as a symbol to all who pass through the Promised Land that God keeps all of His promises.

Air Strike in Damascus
Air Strike in Damascus II

   Do not laugh folks. this is a 13.9 billion dollar machine, they are not playing.  They are opening portals into a realm that God does not want us to be in but they do not care.  If you do not believe me, read just a little on my CERN page, it is not just coincidence their logo is 666 and their opening ceremony was the most pagan satanic ritual ever witnessed. It is not just coincidence they have Shiva the god of destruction in front of their corporation.    

CERN Churns the Sky

Local News

Canada Earthquake Felt Throughout Southeast Michigan

Matthew 24:7 “And there will be earthquakes, in various places. …”

Large earthquakes have risen by over 450% since 1900

The average rate of big earthquakes — those larger than magnitude 7 — have been 10 per year since 1979, the study reports. That rate rose to 12.5 per year starting in 1992, and then jumped to 16.7 per year starting in 2010 — a 65 percent increase compared to the rate since 1979. This increase accelerated in the first three months of 2014 to more than double the average since 1979, the researchers report.


Incredible increase:

  • In the 10 year period, 1900/09 our planet averaged 28.9 quakes of Magnitude 6 or larger

  • In the following ten year period 1910/19 our planet averaged 32

  • 1920/29 averaged 31.7

  • 1930/39 averaged 37.8

  • 1940/49 averaged 46.6

  • 1950/59 averaged 45.1

  • 1960/69 averaged 65.5

  • 1970/79 averaged 103.1

  • 1980/89 averaged 108.5

  • 1990/99 averaged 149.2

  • 2000/09 averaged 161.1

  • the years 2010 to 2014 are so far averaging 161.

Lyrid Meteor Shower
Barbara Bush
Solar Storm
Storm Map Michigan 2018

Russian Reporter Maxim Borodin Dies After Mysterious Balcony Fall




A journalist who had been investigating the deaths of alleged Russian mercenaries in Syria died in a hospital on Sunday after falling from his balcony in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg.

Maxim Borodin, a 32-year-old reporter for the Yekaterinburg-based Ria Novy Den news agency, was known for his coverage of high-profile corruption and criminal cases. He fell from his fifth-floor balcony on Thursday, The New York Times reported, and neighbors found him critically injured at the foot of the building. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died from his injuries three days later.One friend, Paulina Andreevna, said in a Facebook post that Borodin had been hospitalized earlier this month after a stranger attacked him outside his home. Last October, an assailant reportedly hit Borodin over the head with a steel pipe shortly after he’d reported on a controversial movie about Tsar Nicholas II. Bashkov said Borodin had contacted him early in the morning on the day before his fall to say that men in “camouflage and masks” were surrounding his apartment. He reportedly described “someone with a weapon on his balcony” and others “on the staircase landing.”


'Iran Vows to Stand With Damascus Against US and Israeli 'Foreign Aggression'
Iran can vow all it wants to stand with Damascus against the US and Israeli but I suggest it stand at a distance because Bible Prophesy states that in the Last Day, Damascus will be reduced to a pile of rubble that will never be inhabited again.  
Damascus will become a ruinous heap

Gulf Stream Current

NRA Admits to Over 20 Russian Linked Contributions
 So this is one big joke, right?  Over 20 contributions equaling a whopping $2.500.  They are really grabbing at straws now in desperation.  

Why America is Sending a Spacecraft to a Medal  Asteroid Called, "Psyche" and Why This Article Makes Me Laugh Uncontrollably.  
Please, I beg you just stop, I cannot handle it. Really, you know that all the rocky planets have a rock core...well how do you know that?  You know that the earth has a hard metal core but you do not know for sure because it is so hot you cannot get near it with your instruments.  Listen, the center of your planet or should I say the lower bowels are FIRE, ok.  The Bible says that the latitude and longitude of Hell and you can take that to the bank.  How extremely interesting is it that "Psyche" means Mind, Spirit, and Soul.  You people are just too bizarre.     

Strange Trumpet Sounds in Hawaii
The Seven Trumpets and When They Shall Sound

Southern US Storms 2018

Storm to unleash severe weather, disruptive snow over central US late this week


     Our weather has not been remotely close to normal for a very long time.  I have never witnessed the magnitude of storms that cover nearly the entire United States the way they do now and I believe it will only get worse as we approach the spring and summer months.

     People are oblivious to the effects and danger of GEO Engineering. That is not something I am going to elaborate on at this point, only to say, stop playing God and spraying Chemtrails, blasting microwaves into the atmosphere with HAARP and whatever other demonic practices you have up your sleeves.  

     Mankind is bringing judgment on Himself, at this point, all God has to do is sit back and watch.  

     The masses could care less as they walk around with their face in their cell phone but this is going to reek havoc on all of us in the long run.  Not to mention the fact that these Chemtrails are poisoning your children.   

     This is not my wild conspiracy theory, these are facts folks, please wake up! 

YouTube illegally collected data on children under 13, advocacy groups say


     Who exactly does Youtube think they are kidding.  
"Well, it is hard to tell because the kids could be using their parents account or they can lie and say they are over 18."

     Youtube can pinpoint the age of the user 9 times out of 10 just by the content they are watching, especially if they are under 13.  Daaaaa...we da know.  Give me a fricking break, these clowns are able to look through our webcams with the light off if they so choose.

     These are the same people who block Christian content that does not break any rules except that the Jesus haters cannot handle it but they are stalking our children and for just what purpose is that?      


Tornadoes in Florida 2018

Antarctica is Turning Into a Snow Globe Because the Earth is Warming

(So for the Flat Earthers, What Happens When that Wall of Ice Holding the Water in Melt?)

There's a Lot of Sperm on the International Space Station Right Now


     Just when I thought that I had heard it all. What exactly is the purpose of this?  Is this where our hard earned tax dollars are going, for human and bull sperm to be tested because after all, it is inevitable that one day sex will take place in space.

     Listen, people, I cannot say that I know exactly what is going on here but they think we are all as dumb as a box of rocks.   

     Do not...I not work on deflecting a meteor away from the earth, should it come our way. Just get that human male and bull sperm up here toot sweet because that is of the utmost importance. I mean even bulls need love too right.  I am now speechless.  


Bull Crap

MONDAY APRIL 9, 2018 Local Detroit

Girl, 3, remains in critical condition after being shot in head outside gas station 

This is where I live, where I work.  You cannot even be guaranteed that when you leave your home, to do the simplest everyday thing, that you will ever return and live to see tomorrow.  


Woe Unto You

This is what men do to their own including innocent women and children.  These are cowards, real men do not do this and most certainly, Godly men do not do this.  Isaiah 59:7-8 Their feet run to evil, and they are swift to shed innocent blood; their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; desolation and destruction are in their highways. The way of peace they do not know, and there is no justice in their paths; they have made their roads crooked; no one who treads on them knows peace.

Chemical Weapons Used and Children Suffer



Donald Trump warned there will be a “big price to pay” for a chemical strike in a rebel-held Damascus suburb that killed at least 42 people on Saturday, as the UK and France called for an urgent meeting of the United Nations security council in reaction to the attack.


The security council will meet twice on Monday. Russia, a backer of Bashar al-Assad, also called for a session.

The atrocity came amid a barrage by regime jets, helicopters, and artillery on the district of Douma, which the European Union said pointed to “yet another chemical attack by the regime” as it called for an international response.


At least 300 people were affected by the gas, medics in Douma said. Many of the 42 who died had been sheltering in the basement of a building that was struck by a projectile shortly after 7:30 pm. Ill-equipped local doctors said they treated patients for suffocation, foaming at the mouth, dilated pupils, and burned eyes.

Victims of the strike reported a strong odor of chlorine – an industrial chemical that has been dropped by regime helicopters throughout the war. However, Jerry Smith, a former UN weapons inspector who investigated previous chemical attacks in Syria, said the high death toll, the speed of death, and convulsions shown by some patients suggested another more lethal compound – possibly organophosphate based – may have been used.

Sarin is an organophosphate chemical that has been repeatedly used in Syria – including in a mass attack on Khan Sheikhoun on 4 April 2017 and in Ghouta in August 2013. European intelligence agencies have gathered evidence that regime officials have mixed sarin and chlorine, which dilutes the gas while ensuring it remains a potent killer – especially if delivered in confined spaces.


Britain’s foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, described the developments as “deeply disturbing” and urged Russia not to impede an independent investigation. In a call with Vladimir Putin that took place before the attack, French leader Emmanuel Macron had agreed to “put an end to the military escalation of recent months”.


Macron has flagged “very clear red lines” over the use of chemical weapons. In a statement, the French foreign minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said he “condemned in the strongest terms” the Syrian regime’s siege of Douma: “The use of chemical arms is a war crime and a violation of the international non-proliferation regime. France, as the president of the Republic, has said several times, will take all its responsibilities in terms of the fight against chemical proliferation.”

Trump demanded that access be opened to Douma, the last of three besieged districts in the Ghouta area of Damascus to remain under opposition control. Access was necessary to verify what had happened and treat remaining victims, he said, writing in a tweet: “President Putin, Russia, and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price to pay. Open area immediately for medical help and verification.”

His demand came a year to the day after he ordered a strike that saw 59 missiles crash into a Syrian airbase thought to be the launching pad for the attack on Khan Sheikhoun. Trump had vowed to order another attack if chemicals were used again.

Mike Rounds of South Dakota, a member of the Senate armed services committee, signaled Republican support for a strike when he told NBC he thought Trump would now “have to send a message that he means what he said”. Ben Cardin of Maryland, a Democrat on the Senate foreign relations committee, told CBS there should be “an international response”.

Rescue workers said they were attacked by jets as they tried to access the site in Douma. The bombing of the building where the civilians were hiding came amid a relentless assault local officials said targeted hospitals and civil defense centers.

It appeared to be aimed at forcing the surrender of remaining rebels who have periodically shelled central Damascus in recent months. One such shelling killed at least six civilians on Friday, Syrian officials said. Opposition officials and regional diplomats ascribed other motives to the use of gas, underpinned by a culture of impunity.  READ MORE HERE


Trump Tower Fire

     Seriously, one of the richest men in the world and President of the United States does not have a sprinkler system for fires in his high-rise and beefed-up fire security is only implemented when he is at home there?  You know me, I am going to pick the strangest things I can find and focus on them.  The Drudge Report had an article on the upper left corner of their Home Page that just suddenly disappeared.  I went back to read it because I believe, it stated that the fire was a result of an explosion and the man who lived in the apartment was a "friend" of Andy Warhol.  Folks, Andy Warhol was an extremely strange dude, to say the least. Very strange there was an explosion first and no source of fire found yet.  

“I heard a big bang and the debris falling on the glass roof,” witness Will Hammonds said.


     A 67-year-old man died after being injured in a fire at Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan on Saturday, the police said.

     The man, Todd Brassner, was in his apartment on the 50th floor at the time of the fire, which was reported around 5:30 p.m., the police said. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

     Four firefighters sustained injuries that were not life-threatening, Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro said at a news conference.

     He said the apartment, a large unit that was heavily furnished, was “virtually entirely on fire.” Video footage showed flames bursting through broken windows.

     Neither President Trump nor his family was in the building, a Fifth Avenue skyscraper that is the calling card of his real estate business.

     The commissioner said firefighters went with the Secret Service to inspect the president’s residence. While the rest of the building had a “considerable amount of smoke,” it was not immediately clear if it reached Mr. Trump’s unit, he said.

     More than 200 firefighters responded to the fire, the cause of which was unknown, the commissioner said.

Mr. Trump, who was in Washington at the time, said on Twitter that the tower’s construction helped confine the fire.

     The commissioner said the upper floors that are home to residences do not have fire sprinklers. “It’s a well-built building,” he said. “The building sure stood up quite well.”

While the building is subject around the clock to extra security by law enforcement, extra fire protection happens only when the president is there, Commissioner Nigro said.

     The authorities restricted passers-by from the area directly in front of the tower, keeping them out of the street and on the sidewalk on the opposite side of Fifth Avenue.

Trump Tower on Fire

Missing CDC employee's body found in river weeks after disappearance, police say
"No Indication of Foul Play"

Missing CDC Employee Found Dead

     Nothing to See Here Folks, this is all completely normal with no "foul play" involved.  It is funny how the strangest deaths are readily accepted as just your normal everyday occurrence. 


     He is found floating in the water after missing for days with "Rare Crystals" in his pocket.   


     Ok, right off the rip, "He was found with "RARE CRYSTALS" in his pocket." Slightly strange and creepy, "Crystals" are a big part of the New Age/Satanic Occult movement.  The authorities found every single thing of importance still in his home, house keys, ID, cell phone, credit cards, debit card, all of his "passports" (How many passports does this guy need, he must be all over for the CDC) and his wallet. This poor soul did not have one thing with him that a normal person has on them when they go out. How did he lock his door when he left home if his keys were in the house or apartment? Whom, of us, leaves home with absolutely nothing? Nobody, that's who.

     Someone is obviously lying here because he tells his sister and several coworkers, just how disappointed he is that he "DID NOT GET THAT BIG PROMOTION AT WORK." The CDC "FIRES BACK" he got an early promotion at work as Commander for recognition of his exemplary performance. Yeah, right, he got the Luca Brasi promotion of "Swimming with the fishes." (I am not sure if the author of this article is being dramatic or not by using the phrase "FIRES BACK".  It makes it sound like there are on the defensive.)

     Then his parents state that he sent them an extremely disturbing text message right before he went missing but they would not say what it said, that's because they don't want to swim with the fish also! Give me a break, this is dripping in every conspiracy I can think of.

     This story really woke me up one morning when I first read it. I sat straight up and my pupils dilated to saucer size. I had to go to Steve Quayle's site and email him that one, he probably already knew. The Detectives will never ever find out anything about this one, I guarantee it...this is going to be swept under the rug. Whoever killed him, obviously was not interested in the "rare crystals" since they were found in his pocket. That was probably their little calling card to send out a message to those who "know".

     Steve Quayle has quite an extensive list of strange deaths of Scientists.  Dead Scientist 2004-2015

                                                                                                                        Dead Scientist 1994-2003

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