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VIDEO BELOW-What Exactly Are Aliens-Josh Peck and Timothy Alberino

With all due respect to Mr. Alberino, the promotion of his book has been removed for the following reason. 

You need to make your own decision regarding my decision to not participate in the promotion of this book.  The video below speaks for itself and I highly recommend watching it and forming your own opinion. 

1. Angels are the "Elder Race"  -Nowhere in scripture are Angels called the elder race or referred to as being relative to man.

2. "The earth was not created for man but man was created for the earth" We inherited their culture, their civilization-The only civilization angels know is the realm of God in which they operate and do His will.  Any other civilizations created by angels would be the civilizations that FALLEN ANGELS created. 

3. "Heaven is an Empire and God is the Emperor" This diminishes The Most High reducing Him to man's governing level. Technically, the first earthly Emperor was Sargon aka Nimrod. Neither God nor His heavenly realm should be thought of by manmade terms.  He is what He says He is, King of King and Lord of Lords and nowhere in scripture does He refer to Himself as an Emperor of an Empire.  If Sargon and Nimrod are the same, we know then that Nimrod was of the Fallen Angels and the title, "Emperor", is of evil origin. 

Reference: "The Identity of Nimrod."

4. "We think of Heaven as the only other place that exists besides earth." That is what we are given in scripture, levels of Heaven, earth and inside the earth, principalities, and powers of the air, celestial and terrestrial bodies and Hell.  That is what God has revealed to us through His word and anything more, without sound Biblical truth, is purely speculation of the mind. 

5. "Referring to Fallen Angels as our elder sibling"- Where is scripture does it say that Angels were created in the image of God?  Nowhere, that is where.  Although it does not say Angels were created in the image of God, it does not say they were not but, inferring that they are our sibling is a stretch.  They are referred to as The Sons of God and man is not referred to as the Sons of God until after the fall of man with the adoption of the redemption of Christ.  We are only referred to as the Sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:26

"Heaven is like earth because of the parables Jesus used"- The only reason Jesus used parables on an earthly level, is because this is the only level that man could understand.  

"The Supernatural is a Contrivance"- The definition of Supernatural is: (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.  The supernatural exists, for the unsaved, it is a total mystery, for those who follow Christ it is the spiritual realm in which God operates and demons also operate. 

"The universe was not created for us, the earth was not even created for us"- We know that everything was created by Him and for Him but before the fall, God gave man dominion over the entire earth.  The earth was, indeed, a gift from God to man.  Man then forfeited that gift and gave dominion of it over to Satan.  

"We are not the center of the universe and the problem Christians have pertaining to Alien is because we think we are."- That is not true, most Christian know they are in a fallen state in need of redemption and do not think they are the center of the universe.  The only problem Christian have with the Alien agenda is if it really exists or not.

"We are late-comers, we are the younger sibling" Attempting to say, that we are the younger siblings of these entities and of Angels.  This is where the real problem hits its peak for me.  This is referenced in scripture nowhere, nowhere in scripture or even in The Book of Enoch does it imply this in any way, shape or form.  

"We are not the Apple of God's eye Jesus is"- Really! Psalms 17:8-9 Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings, from the wicked who do me violence, my deadly enemies who surround me. What exactly is the importance of minimizing man to nothing, to just an afterthought? Romans 8:29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. 30 Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.  This is my ONE and ONLY Sibling, not an "ancient elder" and not an entity or any created Angelic being. To believe otherwise will put you on a road you have no business being on no matter how enticing it may seem. 

"There are creatures that have nothing to do with Nephilim"- I do not agree.  When Fallen Angels came to the eath they corrupted both mankind and animals thus were born monstrosities with superhuman intelligence that became rulers on this earth.  This is why the artwork of ancients depict half man half animal hybrid rulers. This is where the reptilian race evolved and is prevalent in Asian history.  This is the origin of ancient evil empires and rulers and why God sent the Great Deluge. He states, "Is there a race that is artificially conceived and, is that not an entirely different category? Indeed, there may very well be but the bottom line is this, if they were not created by God then they are just another evil entity created by the Nephilim or those who carry out the evil agenda of the Nephilim unto this very day.  At any rate, it all traces back to the Fallen Angels.  

"Grey Aliens may very well be drones, artificially created, that has nothing to do with Nephilim"- He states, possibly conceived by the DNA of humans and God knows what else.  Once again, if not created by God, it is evil. I do not understand the necessity of even going down this road of pure speculation. There is no significance in what they would be classified as regardless if they are associated with Nephilim or not. 

"A Grey Alien has nothing to do with a demon"- Perhaps not but according to Phil Snyder's account, they are evil. 

"The Sons of God are very much like us and are our elder siblings because they lusted after human women and had the ability to copulate with them it's that simple"- No, I do not think it is that simplistic.  If God created the Angels, who are not given in marriage, why would they be created with sexual organs? On this point, we are supposed to keep it simple and in the next breath, we are to embrace the complexity of everything else we are being told. I believe the Watcher could become whatever form they wanted to in the beginning because they were unrestrained at that time. 

"We have a problem understanding the Bible so we create contrivances to fill in the gaps"- The Word of God can only be revealed by His Spirit and His Spirit alone anything else is your own carnal knowledge and worth nothing.  It does not matter how much research you do, where you have gone in the world or what degrees you possess, without God revealing it to you, you have nothing but your own carnal understanding. 

"Angelic Technology"- I guess we are in an episode of Ancient Aliens now because it's all about advanced technology and not the supernatural powers of God and His Heavenly realm.  This is carnal, earthly thinking that is not able to rise above a physical realm and into a spiritual one where everything has to have a physical, technological explanation.  

"They are an extraterrestrial civilization some of them loyal to the King and some of them are not"- So we are to infer that there are all these civilizations set apart from God who are independent of God, some choose to be loyal and some are not.  To me, it is being made more complex in this video that it needs to be because the bottom line is that, there is good and evil, pick your side. 

"Prepare people's Paradigm" - If I never hear the word paradigm again it will be too soon. If we are not to think in the realms of spiritual and earthly, just what realm is it that we are missing? That is all the scriptures talks about.  This statement that we should not think in just the realms of Spiritual and earthly actually goes against Biblical teaching. 

"Flat Earth"- That's right it does not matter, it is all about Christ and fighting over it is senseless. 

Josh Peck said it best, "Do not just focus on one thing but focus on Christ" and, for me,  that includes this Alien agenda being pushed right now.

I did not enjoy addressing this, at all, nor taking the time to write it but I found the entire video disturbing and I was not alone in my assessment. Follow no man but follow God only, pray, fast and read God's Word on your own asking for the revelation that only comes by His Spirit.

If I end up being wrong on this, I will be the first one to say so but as it stands, I have to call it as I see it. Keep Timothy Alberino, Josh Peck and all our brother's and sisters in Christ in your prayers.  

Timothy Alberino's father is a minister and he states that he was born and raised in a good Christian family.  Still, I speculate from listening to him, that there were unanswered questions in his heart he simply could not dismiss.  Throughout history, God chooses certain men that He instills a deep passion to search out the truth and be His spokesman of that truth.  I believe Mr. Alberino is such a man.

 Fresh out of high school, he left the comfort of his home in Ohio and ended up living in the jungles of Peru for ten years.    He does not share the supernatural event that happened in his life at that time but it is clear, God did lift the veil and works in his life to relate the revelation, He uses Mr. Alberino as a revelator to His people.  "He who hath an ear let him hear, he who hath eyes let him see.


 Unfortunately, the truths revealed are far from acceptable in mainstream Christianity.   This leaves us somewhat perplexed as to why there are very few of us that accept these revelations.   We think ourselves neither better nor special in any way, only saddened by the shunning disregard for the revelations brought forth by the years of research of men like this.


 One must have an open mind and desire to surpass the every day children's Sunday school teachings and actually want to dive into the depths of the true Word of God, not what man says but what the Spirit of God reveals. 

 If you truly say you are a Christian, then you must believe every Word of the Bible and not just pick and choose what you want that does not make you uncomfortable.  When a non-believer ask you, "Why would a loving God tell the Israelites to kill every man, woman, child and animal of a certain tribe?" what is your answer? Chances are, you don't have a clue why.  We are living in the time foretold in the Bible where knowledge will increase, not only for the secular world but also for God's true people.  You must ask yourself, are you hot, cold or lukewarm because you are indeed one of these three and you will only make it to God being one of these.

 The time to get on board the ark is now because, as stated in the Bible, there is a great deception coming that if it were possible, even the very elect will believe this great deception.  Only those not deceived are they who have the Seal of God in their forehead, you only receive that seal when you seek out the truth and not by being a Sunday morning, Wednesday evening pew sitter.  The truth is, most churches are empty, dead and most certainly not reaching the lost.  When the church becomes a clique of people with nothing but building fundraisers, ladies teas, bake sales, men and women's pricey retreats and your church is not growing nor is reaching the lost, there is a very big problem in the mix.  If on Sunday morning you are not raising your hand to God and beckoning His Spirit and guidance into your hearts and service, you are not worshipping God, chances are, God is not even present in your church.  Has your church become a sepulture of dead man's bones?


 I do not purpose to devalue the God called purpose of all churches because there are still some wonderful churches out there doing the will of God but the fact remains, they are dying out and what we increasingly witness is a spiritually dead shell on every corner that deserves the scrutiny of a lost world.  These dead entities are giving true Christianity a very bad name and proving the accusations of the world true.  They indeed have a form of Godliness but deny the power thereof.


 Lastly, let any criticism of lack begin with me for I was a lost sheep for many years, knowing and loving God, yet doing nothing.  Finally, searching for my place within a house of worship, I came up empty with a deep guilt wondering what was wrong with me that I was unable to fit in and unsatisfied by the same message I heard years ago.  It is a terrible thing to want to jump up while the pastor is preaching and take his place because you think you know more then he does and to want to shake the people because they sit and wring their hands in despair instead of calling on the Power of their Might God.  A horror to see the seats empty and that the church has become the world's babysitter.  Yet, thank God they are ministering to the youth but where are all the adults, where are the parents?

 I searched in vain convinced I must be doomed until God took me on a journey that sent me down the rabbit hole and led to men such as Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino, Tom Horn and many more like minded believers.  Does that mean I left behind the basic premise of the Gospel, certainly not.  The truth I learned from my youth is just as relevant today as the day I first believed.  It is the sure foundation that is to be built upon and not shoved under a bushel as my own private "Willie Wonka" golden ticket to heaven.  It is the "Good News" to a lost and dying world, it is what the baby Christian feeds upon BUT God never purposed us to stay baby Christians our entire life.  


Let me begin by saying, Timothy Alberino is not setting every single thing he is explaining in stone, he is REASONING and developing possible theories. The Bible says to, "Study to show thyself approved."  What are we studying for... to learn the truth for ourselves, by the Spirit of God revealing it to us.

If you feel threatened by these revelations, it is possible you are of a closed mind.  Many people cannot get past the Children's Sunday School Milk of the Word and get into the Meat of the Word.

The Bible states, "In the Last Days, knowledge will increase greatly."  Knowledge will not only increase for the ungodly world in technologies and science but will greatly increase for those who truly belong to God and are earnestly seeking the truth.

We are not forced to believe every conclusion that Timothy Alberion puts forth because we are to find the truth ourselves by studying the Word of God, on our own and asking God to reveal it.

I have taken into consideration Timothy Alberino and Steve Quayle's decades of research and find them to be true men of God seeking the deep things of God. They are willing to share their knowledge from their years of research and I am free to review it and come to my own conclusions.

In conclusion, once again, if you are of a closed mind, this will most assuredly not be for you but I find it a blessing that someone is digging and trying to find out as much of the truth of God as they can.  

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