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Noahide Law Sacrifice

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Being a Christian for at least 46 years, it is only recently that the realization of the "Noahide Laws", was revealed to me.  For those who do not know what these laws are, they are supposedly an oral, not written law, given to Moses.  There are 7 Noahide Laws that appear harmless but are anything but because the breaking of these "Noahhide Laws" is punishable by death of decapitation.  In Revelations 20:4 it states, "And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the Word of God."  I remember reading this verse years ago and thinking how absurd it sounded at that time, after all, we have guns in this day and age so why would this ancient barbaric act be used.  Times have changed, God is revealing and many events have come into play since I had that thought.  At first, I thought perhaps it could be ISIS because that is their exact Motus Operandi and they have no problem showing it to the world via the internet and at that point, it did not seem so far fetched as I once presumed.  But now, something new has emerged that never entered my wildest imagination.  The very same religious leaders of the time of Christ, the Sanhedrin, are gathering 70 nations to hold a conference to enforce the "Noahide Laws" and will culminate in animal sacrifice.  At the beginning of the Tribulation period, Israel will reinstate animal sacrifice, that is what is happening right now.  The fact remains that the Third Temple will have to be rebuilt but is that already happening beginning underground? See the article.  "Is Underground Construction Under Jerusalem Preparing for the Third Temple?"  The rebuilding of the Third Temple is a mere formality that could happen within weeks.

“Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the Sanhedrin described that the concert has a vital role to play in helping the nations of the world in joining together to address these universal threats in the world today.  “‘The world is being threatened in so many ways; ecologically, atomic weapons, terrorism, economically,’ Rabbi Weiss told Breaking Israel News. ‘The United Nations has failed to unite the world in an effort to cope with these issues. That is because the UN is not based on Biblical principles that unite mankind. Human rights originated in the Bible, as did laws governing war. Ecology is a Biblical concept. When the nations came to Jerusalem to pray together in the Temple, they did so in recognition of the human principles that we all share. (Excluding the Biblical principle of Christ of course) The United Nations rejected these human principles that bind and as such, has become a political battlefield that only makes these problems worse. They have appointed human rights violators to preside over the Human Rights Council. There is no justice in the International Court of Justice.’...  

 “We are seeing the end of the UN, as the US and Israel separate themselves from it, ‘Rabbi Weiss said. ‘The United Nations should have collapsed long ago but it has drawn power from its decision to establish the State of Israel in 1948."

“The Biblical Sanhedrin in Jerusalem was a gathering point for universal cooperation and justice. The high-point of the concert came when the foreign representatives went up to the stage to sign an agreement with the Sanhedrin.”

Perhaps the most powerful image was also the most low-tech element. At several points during the performance, the musicians rested their instruments while Kohanim (Jewish male descendants of Aaron the priest) mounted the ramparts in full priestly garb. The blasts of shofarot (rams’ horns) and silver trumpets prepared for use in the Third Temple echoed in the night, recreating the glory of the Temple as it appeared 2,000 years ago.

So, just where am I going with all this, the fact is that it's not ISIS we have to worry about.  We need to be concerned at these nations forming an alliance with the Sanhedrin and then these "Noahide Laws" being enforced.  This is the same Sanhedrin that hated the Messiah when He came to them, how do you think they will treat those that worship Him as their God?  This will not faze those who do not follow Christ but for those of us who do, this is a warning sign of what may come in these End Days in which we live.  

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