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US Closes San Ysidro Crossing as Migrants Rush Border

I am not sure exactly what the answer to this is but there are a few things I do know.  Why is it all right for anyone, who wants, to just enter our country and we are to just be complacent about it and give them food, shelter, money, and health care when our own people are not even being taken care of? We have a non-existent health care system that allows mentally ill people to roam the streets without treatment, veterans from every war with the poorest healthcare available, with PTSD, homeless on the streets. Four million American without healthcare insurance that will reach 20% of the population by the next recession. There were 72,000 drug overdoses, with 200 per day in 2017 and 17,250 homicides.  Not to mention an infrastructure that is crumbling before our very eyes with an electrical grid just ready to be picked off at any moment.  Why is it that this administration that is trying to do something about the masses crossing illegally are demonized?  

When exactly is the line to be drawn?  Now, it is not just sneaking across, it's, "Like it or not, here we come."  The lying media paints a picture of only poor worn-torn women and children wanting to enter and the big bad U.S. government stopping them, detaining them, and sending them back.  If people did this in other nations around the world, they would not get handled as gently as they do here in the U.S., they will just shoot you at their border.  

Do not think for a minute there aren't puppet masters behind the scenes pulling the strings against this administration, that's how much it's hated.  With the threat of terrorism around the entire world, why would we just allow anyone and everyone to come into the U.S.? I for one do not want a "World Without Borders" which rhymes with "New World Order", no thank you.  A program should be started for those who disagree and believe we should just allow everyone in who wants to enter illegally.  You all sign up to take a family into your home for two years until they reached the point where they are able to take care of themselves.  It would be interesting to see just how many would sign up for that humanitarian effort. 

This is old news from June 14, 2018, that I am just now seeing and I have to admit, I realize that this is a deterrent, but I do not agree with it.  The major reason being, it is wrong to traumatize children like this by taking them away from their parents and putting them in a detention facility regardless of how clean and safe it is, you just do not do this to children.  

I agree with trying to control illegal immigration but this is supposed to be America, not Communist China. Walmart jumped in bed with the Federal Government a long time ago and have done nothing good for this country except fattening their own pockets by crushing small business, farmers and dairy farmers.  In all honesty, I have to say that I must serious not shop there again.  I keep telling myself that but like many others, you cannot beat those Walmart prices on certain items that you could never get at that price anywhere else but you have to make a stand and a sacrifice at some point or you are just a hypocrite to your own beliefs.

CBS News  

What are these government facilities like?  

As the number of children entering the country has grown, so too have the shelters. A so-called "tent city" was recently constructed in Tornillo, Texas, and one facility in Brownsville, Texas, called Casa Padre, is inside a former Walmart. Casa Padre has a listed capacity of 999, according to state records, however as recently as last week, reporters were told about 1,500 children were housed there.

The organization that operates Casa Padre, Southwest Key, told CBS News in an email on June 7: "We provide round-the-clock services including food, shelter, medical and mental health care, clothing, educational support, supervision, and reunification support."

Is there evidence of problems at these facilities?

Southwest Key Programs, a non-profit that operates at least 16 immigrant children shelters in Texas, has been cited for about 150 health violations by state inspectors in the last two years, including for delays in medical care and instances of inadequate supervision. Casa Padre had 13 violations, including an instance in which a child who tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease wasn't given treatment until 18 days later. Another violation cited at Casa Padre was an instance when an employee was heard by an inspector making "a belittling remark towards a child in care in the presence of other children."Six of the 13 violations were listed by state officials as either "high" or "medium-high" for "the potential impact a deficiency might have on children."In an email to CBS News Monday, a Southwest Key spokesperson said that in the last three years the organization's unaccompanied minors facilities had been evaluated for compliance on more than 70,000 standards and only been found deficient in fewer than 1 percent."However, we take each of the deficiencies seriously by self-reporting to invite external investigations as well as performing our own internal investigations," the spokesperson said. He added that the organization can't comment on individual cases, but said violations can result in employees being terminated or retrained

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