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Things of the Occult

Denver Airport's Talking Gargoyle Spooks Travelers

Just when you thought Denver Airport couldn't get any more blatantly occult they come up with this talking gargoyle. I am thinking a motion detector activated statue that generates random phrases at passing travelers.  No, it is much more than that, the gargoyles head moves and it engages in actual conversation, it is a talking animatronic gargoyle statue. One of its greetings is, "Welcome to Illuminate Headquarters, I mean Denver International Airport."   

Denver Airport is steeped in occultism and they are not shy in displaying it.  There is a 32-foot statue outside the airport called, "Blue Mustang", apply nicknamed Blucifer.  Blue Mustang is a hideously ugly piece of art that weighs 9,000 pounds, the body shows ribs of starvation, the evil face is equipped with eyes that glow red and Blucifer actually fell on its creator, severing the main artery in his leg killing him.  There are disturbing wall murals and painting, one, in particular, depicts a city in decay, and the central character is a soldier in a mask who is brandishing a sword and rifle above sleeping children while stabbing a dove.

We are to just accept these as pieces of fine art but every piece of art carries a message with it and there is nothing pleasant nor good being displayed at Denver International Airport.  Their presentation is an up close and personal message of their occult agenda proudly displayed for all to see. 

Your world is changing, these displays are appearing in more and more places across the entire United States.  Society is eroding by turning from the light and embracing the darkness.  That which was once good is now considered evil and that which is evil is now considered good because the spiritual darkness is spreading through the hearts of man.       

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